Rise of Arkengrath Campaign

The First Florenic Campaign

The following content is meant for Dungeon Masters. This page is meant to be a grand overview of the campaign itself than each chapter. Players beware, spoilers are ahead.

Campaign Summary

Rise of Arkengrath is an epic campaign that is meant to start players at level 1 and finish at level 20. As the first ever campaign that MrBauta ever ran, there may be some incoherencies.

Exposition of the Campaign

Necromantic War

The core of the problems start way back in the Necromantic War. Arkengrath had founded the school of necromancy magic during the Arcane Renaissance and many mixed feelings were had. The whole war was fought between those who wanted necromancy as an answer for immortality and those who justly feared what horrors and cruelty it could cause. The Arkonian Order are those who supported necromancy’s foundations while the Coalition was an alliance of those who opposed them.

During this vicious war, Arkengrath became a powerful figure. His armies of darkness scourged across entire lands. The first critical, and last, defeat the Order would have was at the Battle of Vrexen. Arkengrath was caught by surprise after having fallen for a grand trap the Coalition had set and finally defeated him there. Demoralized, the Arkonian Order retreated and would suffer far more defeats further on.

By the war’s end, only ashes remained for both the defeated and the victors. Much of the Arkonian Order was banished to the Shadowfell as a consequence. The Coalition simply went across all of Florenelle to begin the Age of Restoration. A time of rebuilding and rekindling just about everything. Culture, livelihoods, societies, anything. It is late in this era that the campaign takes place.

Plans for Arkengrath’s Return

Arkengrath is nicknamed the “Tamer of Death” for a reason. From the shadows of Requiem Castle, deep in Etherius, he plots with his loyal dreadlords to return him.

Why he has not been returned sooner over these 1721 years is due to how undead spirits stay trapped in the past. To release Arkengrath would mean to unleash a Necromantic War spirit, the most violent and unwavering apparitions. With the likes of the Tamer, it would certainly mean a whole new Necromantic War. However, The Arkonian Order’s followers in the Shadowfell do not take kindly to their banishment. They have watched from afar as the Coalition get to heal from their wounds while they stay trapped in these tormenting shadows. They grow desperate enough to return their old master who has a promise to fulfill for his followers.

Chapter Overviews

Abandoned in Claddeau

In the Province of Regalia, the party stumbles upon a Valencian colony called Claddeau. Seemingly abandoned, the only occupants are an investigative team of soldiers looking for answers on what happened. It’s discovered that a nivallen tribe was threatened by the Arkonian Order into servitude and attacked the village to take its residents as sacrifices to help free Arkengrath from Requiem Castle.

Wrath of the Clockworks

The party heads to the City of Herrington with news of a Necrowar era relic within the area. Amnesiac proprietor, Oswin Mandus, and his shadowy associate, the Engineer, plead with the party to aid them in shutting down violent clockworks. In a cruel twist of fate, the Engineer tricks the party into restoring the clockworks into attacking the town. In a final confrontation, it’s revealed that the Necrowar relic is the Eye of the Seer powering the clockwork magus. Now cursed by an Arkenwraith, the party is given an invitation by the Doctrine Society to cleanse them of it.

Intrigue in Herrenberg

Invited by Alistair Fugue, the party meets with a handful of other helpers to aid them in ridding an Arkenwraith. However, agendas and intentions become a problem as well as whether or not their host has one of his own. It concludes when it’s revealed that Alistair seeks to escape back to Vrexen and the Arkenwraith is only inches away.

Dragon Siege in Requiem Castle

The Coalition’s highest members begin to recognize the important work of the party. They are sent to the Continent of Drakmir as the dragons are suspicious of foul play being afoot with Kraven’s disappearance. With some work, they quickly receive word from one of Tabith’s reapers that the mighty dragon is attacking Requiem Castle. The party then realizes Mother Maratha has Kraven’s son, Fahren, hostage. She threatens to kill him if this Requiem is not attacked. She and the rest of the Dreadlords then head in to free Arkengrath’s spirit entirely, readying him officially for his return.

Exiles of the Shadowfell

The party is tasked with heading into the Shadowfell by the Coalition. They are to engage and weaken the Arkonian Order’s army as both sides know a war is inevitable. They may even confront Arkengrath early in his restoration chamber, weakening him in the final battle.

Return of Arkengrath

As it began and so shall it end in Vrexen. Arkengrath seeks to reclaim his lost glory and besiege the city. He believes age has whittled down their people and defenses but it’s up to the party to confront Arkonia’s army with the help of the Coalition to stop a second Necromantic War from happening.





Arkonian Order

The Arkonian Order as a whole stands as the overall antagonist. Its members are keen to restore the old glory they had back in the Necromantic War days.

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Author's Notes

This was the first campaign ever ran in the Florenelle setting back in 2018. It first started out as a guild episodic structure but by connecting the associated one-shots together, it all leads up to the grand conclusion of confronting Arkengrath.

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