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Where most of the action happens

The Material World

Florenelle is where you can find the most abundant life and activity. Other planes, such as the Shadowfell and Elvarid are designed more for a particular purpose. The inhabitants of Florenelle are what shapes this place, not by deities and their overreaching influence.

No deity has singular rule or domain over this world. That's not to say a deity can't have their home or headquarters here. It's more so that they shouldn't be surprised if the world doesn't bow to their command.


Florenelle is home to many continents. Many of these unseen lands have yet to be explored. Here are some of the current continents.


A trapped continent of swirling storms that will destroy any ship that gets near it. The vren population here is where it's the densest. Only portals or highly specialized and attuned ships are the way beyond the storms.

Nidus Region

The Nidus Region is the most explored and developed continent of Florenelle.


On the eastern side of the Nidus map is Calvora. The Kingdom of Trinidad is settled in the north, the Empires of Madria, Valencia, and Venezia in the southern regions, the Koenigreich Vien in a small pocket between Trinidad and Valencia, and the Rhine Kaiserreich on a sizable island across a channel from Trinidad.


Across the Orlen Ocean from Calvora is Thracallia. Settled in the northern parts beyond the Ellidon Forest is the Tsardom of Zharitov. Settled within the central parts are the Province of Regalia and the few towns within the city center. In the western regions beyond Regalia's protective mountains are the settlements belonging to the warlords of Ilshmar.


Oceania is a tropical region in the most southern part of the Orlen Ocean. Its greatest distinguishing feature is the sporadic islands. Sugar and the addictive tobrick is grown here.


On the largest of the islands is the continent of Drakmir and its Dominion of Argatok.

Pragerian Region

Discovered by the Calvorans, it is the second continent they have discovered. Along the northern coast are the Pradeshi. The spices from this continent are sought out by many traders.


The latest explored continent to the northeast of Calvora, expeditions have discovered that the area is ruled by three powers: Shiro Shogunate, Tansu Khanate, and the Zhang Dynasty.

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