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Empire of Venezia

A Major Calvoran Power

“Why do you even come to this creepy place,” asked Wenzel, “It feels like they keep staring at me.”

“Because they want to send a message to outsiders. Can you not hear their ancestors?”

Wenzel looked around the city. He only got more uncomfortable as a gentle breeze of wind passed by us, “No, it’s just quiet and eerie!”

“That is because you can hear them but you are not listening close enough. It is a warning to respect what lies here. We and the Venezians are not the only ones here in the city, it would seem.”

— A Trinian Emissary’s Account of Visiting Venezia

Creating Venezian Characters

A Society of Masks

A Venezian is rarely seen without their mask. Consider what design your mask takes and what symbols it has or how it represents you. Perhaps your mask was lost and you are now considered “naked” when in the Venezian cities.

A Society of Magic

Venezia formed from the persecution of mages in the early days of Calvora. That tradition of magic has passed on to many families and is considered normal for someone to cast at least one spell. Perhaps you aim to carry on this tradition as a wizard? Maybe magic is overrated in that masked society at the risk of appearing awkward around your peers?

The Colonial War

How has the Colonial War affected you? Were you conscripted? Maybe you fled from the mainland to go to Piedmont to avoid it all?



This oligarchical magocracy is governed by 7 of what could more easily be described as archmages. These 7 form the Consiglio, a group of masked mages that form the embodiment of its elusive people. They are tasked with guiding the nation and bringing the best perceivable outcome for it.


Doges are elected officials that govern provinces within Venezia. Their duties are often to oversee the littler aspects that are too specific for the Consiglio to handle, such as criminal law.


Beneath the Doge are the Legge. There are usually three of them that are chosen by the doge that help coordinate designing the laws.


Guardians of their homeland, the Protettores act as captains of the town guard and are responsible for assembling an army.

Public Agenda

Why Venezia joins the Triumvirate is to retain its independence from the Kingdom of Trinidad. Other than that, another of their goals is to preserve and protect the values its masked people uphold.


The Basics in Gunpowder

Should their ally, Valencia, require their assistance, the Venezians are willing to provide simple soldiers trained and disciplined for line warfare. Since this method of warfare is used as a necessity, Venezia does have a preferred method that has proven reliable in previous times...

Through Sword and Sorcery

Because bringing a sword to a gun fight often results in death, the Venezians train in using basic magic to close the gap as they make their approach. Many of those adept in the arcane arts train in combining melee and magic to suit their specialized needs, whether it being in protection of nobility or in dashing across contested lands to surprise their opposition.

Vive l'Empereur
— Triumvirate Battle Cry

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Magocracy
Head of State
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Legislative Body
The Consiglio
Judicial Body
The Doges and Legges
Official State Religion
Parent Organization
Official Languages
Related Professions
Controlled Territories
Related Ethnicities

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