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Gregorian Church

A Sect of the Silverrans

Creating Gregorian Characters

Consider the following if you seeking to make a Gregorian character:

Beginnings with the Church

Did you start off growing up as a Gregorian? Did someone convert you into being Gregorian? Consider how you began your pursuits with the church.

Test of Faith

Many Gregorians aspire to be in the presence of angels. Does being worthy of being in their presence become a challenge for you? Perhaps you have an easier time communing with them and they have taken in interest in you, whether if it's to your liking or otherwise.

Call to Service

As a Gregorian, choose the acolyte background to show that you have had faithful ties to the Church. For your class, select the cleric (any domain for your patron saint works), paladin, or celestial warlock if you're hoping to take your religious duties further.

A Divided Call for Tradition

The Restoration Era was at its peak after a few hundred years because of the Church's work. Some within the Church believe that problems of today's world can still be healed by the old ways. Others within the church believe that new doctrines must be established to outlast the current times. Societies are no longer fragile states and the pickiness of the angels has caused unrest.


  • Patron Saint - Represents a domain approved by Gregory and celestials
  • Pope - Leader of the material plane
  • Cardinal - Manages the continent
  • Archbishop - Manages an individual nation
  • Bishop - Manages the states of a nation
  • Priest - Manages the local churches and directs the Deacons
  • Deacons - Protect the local church and serve missions

Public Agenda

The Gregorian Church hopes to provide a path of peace so their followers may be in the presence of angels and return to Haven. This path takes sincere dedication, as the celestials up above do not take kindly to trickery and selfish intent.


After the defeat of Arkengrath, Gregory went around the war-torn lands of Florenelle, spreading and delivering a hopeful message to those who have been devastated by the outcome, eventually rising from their sadden state of mind.

Divine Origins

It Began with Celestials

It would be easy to think it all began with Saint Gregory. That would be far from the truth. The celestial angels of Haven have known to exist for a long duration. The reason they aren't seen is history books is that they are picky with who they indulge. They can afford being hidden away because of how reclusive Haven is and what little influences they have gotten themselves into. Those they have interacted with in Florenelle are often people who are virtuous, those who abstain from spiritual harm. They can seem rather strict with their connections but that is because they have little tolerance for what they believe is harmful to the spirit.

What little influence they had during the Necromantic War was clipped as they vanished to their beautiful realm. Of course, sitting idly by watching as violence mixed with desperation became rampant horrified them. It created a schism between them, as one half wanted to intervene and stop Arkonia while the other half believed it best to stay secluded in their hidden realm and safe from any consequences.

Out from their Isolation

Enter Silus Gregory. This aasimar war veteran looked up to these angels in great disappointment. He called for their aid, believing that their healing presence was something not to be stowed away in the slightest. He believed that it would be in the angels' best interests to aid in the War so they could have some semblance of followers to be taught. He demanded that the angels come down from their isolation and at least defend the weak from Arkonia's cruelty.

Silus would prove to the angels he was right by the time the War ended. In the torn fields all across Florenelle, he guided civilizations from the ashes during the Restoration Era. He helped the exodus from Elvarid and into Thracallia and tried his utmost in Calvora to guide the humans and altallen from the war during this time. The many peoples of the world were scared from what happened. He and the angels helped to provide that closure they needed.

Tenets of Faith

The first rule for any Gregorian is the concept of growth. In the book of The Sanctity in the Words of Healing, Chapter 1, it is described as such:

To grow is not from standing taller. To grow, in our aider's terms, is to not only care for your own wellbeing but to be an aid to others. Happiness comes to us when we are each other's salvation. To slay another is to pluck away what growth has been done. To aid and convert the stranger away from their destructive paths is to bring peace to the heart and mind to you and them.
— The Sanctity: Words of Healing, Chapter 1

The Growth Tenets

The following are the stepping stones to pursue this philosophy of growth:

  1. Water and nourish the seed so it may be fed.
  2. Protect the seed so it may be safe.
  3. Attend the seed so it never gets lonely.
  4. Inspire the seed so it can believe it can grow.
  5. Through kind acts and patience, the seed will produce you its finest fruit.


  • Never bury the dead alone. Gregorians normally bury their deceased loved ones within large underground crypts so they always are with friends and family. No one should go alone as they await judgment into Haven.
  • The body is your physical appearance and must never be damaged by impurities such as piercings, tattoos, and other decorative harms. Cutting away the fevered flesh is understandable, as letting it fester would go against the first Growth Tenet.
  • Always set yourself to be ready in the presence of the celestials. This constant practice is what will draw their attention.


Followers attend sermons once a week at their local church or temple. Generally, four followers are encouraged to give their experiences about following Gregory’s path. The priest of the church will generally give a prompt when asking for speakers.

As a break from speaking, followers then partake of the Refreshing ceremony. Followers are given a small glass of holy water, which will then cleanse their body of impurities. Priests will then remind the crowd that it represents the cleaning of mind, spirit, and body so you may keep yourself cleansed.


Patron Saints

Patron saints within the Silverran religion are appointed this special position when their work brings a lot of livelihood or wellbeing to not only the church as a whole, but communities as well. Followers are advised to worship a specific patron saint based on a related career or lifestyle if they hope to receive blessings.

Here is a table for some of the most common Patron Saints.

Saint Saint of Domain
Facego Jesters Peace, Trickery
Lucia Life Life, Nature
Luminarus Guardians Light, War
Imperious Civilization Forge, Order
Interro Scholars Arcana, Knowledge
Temersa Deceased Grave, Tempest

Granted Divine Powers

Once a Gregorian becomes a Deacon, they are granted divine power to aid them from an associated Patron Saint. Any further promotions will grant more privileges and powers.

Political Influence & Intrigue

Gregorians are not allowed to fight or intervene in Calvoran conflicts, as dictated by Gregory himself. However, granting aid to the wounded and refugees is encouraged to practice the Growth Tenets.

”Gregory’s mercy be with you.”
— Common phrase among Gregorians

Founding Date
26 RE
Religious, Sect
Parent Organization

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