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Where Gregorians and Vindictives squabble over followers, very few ask who they act under. Way on high in Haven, the Almighty speaks from above. It is he who commands all divine beings to bring goodwill onto Florenelle.

— Temerity, Magistrate of the Doctrine Society

Deities of Silverra

Deity Alignment Province Suggested Domains Common Symbol
Haldrifel NG Courage, Hope, Integrity Life, Light, Peace Extended angel wings
Viterrian CG Fertility, Life, Mercy Life, Nature, Peace A vine wrapping around a censer
Gregory NG Civilization, Family, Learning Knowledge, Light, Peace A sword covered by a shield
Vindictis LG Justice, Law, War Light, Order, War A sword with scales hanging from the cross guard
Aphirai NG Death, Service Grave, Peace, Twilight A lantern surrounded by four spirits


The Almighty

The Almighty, currently held by Haldrifel, watches over the deeds and actions of his heavenly court. Much of his time is spent coordinating the careful

Exalter of Life

The Exalter of Life, Viterrian, watches over the safety and blessing of new life brought to Florenelle. Viterrian advocates that a life should not be burdened by petty rules or harsh treatment.

The Shield of Hope

Gregory holds this position within the Silverrans. The Shield of Hope looks over the wellbeing of communities and promotes self-defense to help keep others safe.

The Sword of the Judge

Vindictis holds this title. He is tasked with providing justice and law to Silverra’s followers. He advocates for punishing the wrongdoers and bringing freedom to the innocent.

Herald of the Dawn

Aphirai holds this position. The Herald is tasked with being a messenger to the Pope to direct him in what the Almighty wishes to see. Another responsibility is transitioning the faithful onward to Haven. Other times, he is sent to be a messenger to followers to guide them on a better and uplifting path.

The Evoking Choir

The Evoking Choir is made up of lesser celestials that are tasked with heading into the world of Florenelle and bringing careful divine intervention.

Public Agenda

The Silverrans aim to rid Florenelle of its evil and combat the Infernal Clan.


Before the Necromantic War

It is said that during Florenelle’s creation, there came division on what moral path the mortals should take. The fight became whether one should take part in the vices and hedonism of the world or aspire to become altruistic to ensure a healthy community. Thus the realms of Inferna and Haven were manifested.

Haldrifel, the Almighty, led the celestials and mortal followers for a long while against these evils. There was a problem he had noticed as men fought alongside deities. They became complicit and dependent on their mighty strength. A guard of a castle would not do their duty as they knew an angel would step in and resolve the trouble. The Almighty had become frustrated with his meek following and left them behind in Haven. He would at least leave behind the Silverrans to watch over their development to ensure they become strong amongst themselves.

During the Necromantic War

The Necromantic War even brought darkness into Haven. Haldrifel was disgusted by the manipulation of life Arkengrath had discovered. To the Silverrans, they believed this was the ultimate test of their mortal followers. In their blessed sanctum, they watched in horror as the Arkonian Order brought death and destruction across not just Florenelle but also in Elvarid. They noticed the Coalition responded with such cruelty as well but to a lesser degree. The Silverrans squabbled over if divine intervention was necessary. It would take Saint Gregory to convince his kindred of the necessity to oppose the Arkonian Order.

Reluctantly, the Silverrans stepped in late in the war. To many scholars, their timing hit the deadline. Had they delayed any further, estimates suggest that the Coalition would not have the time to find countermeasures against necromancy. Regardless, the assistance of angels helped to fend off the Arkonians during the First Battle of Vrexen.

Age of Restoration

Because the Silverrans had lost the former Shield of Hope and Sword of the Judge, it was decided the war heroes Saint Gregory and Vindictis would become appointed. The Silverrans tried what they could during the Age of Restoration but it is said that not enough angels were available to help rebuild Florenelle. Inferna had been weakened during the war but an age of rebuilding meant that the newly invigorated Infernal Clan would make matters worse when Vildramus took his father’s place. Ever since, the old rivals have kept fighting each other.


Patron Saints

Patron saints within the Silverran religion are appointed this special position when a follower’s work brings a lot of livelihood or wellbeing to not only the church as a whole, but communities as well. Followers are advised to worship a specific patron saint based on a related career or lifestyle if they hope to receive blessings.

Here is a table for some of the most common Patron Saints.

Saint Saint of Domain
Facego Jesters Peace, Trickery
Lucia Life Life, Nature
Luminarus Guardians Light, War
Imperious Civilization Forge, Order
Interro Scholars Arcana, Knowledge
Temersa Deceased Grave, Tempest

Mercy, Repentance, Exaltation

Religious, Divine Host
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