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The Realm of Hope

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Haven’s purpose as a realm is to be one of benevolence and hope. Those who enter this realm cannot help but find a sense of peace of mind or gain a sense of confidence to overcome a problem. It is to act as the force of good that overcomes evil.

Purity is another core factor. In this context, purity implies the lack of planar influences with ill intent or the presence of harmful diseases or substances with one’s body.

Aspects of the Realm

Purifying Air

The air that envelopes this realm is the cleanest substance known in the cosmos. Due to its holy presence, however, it is highly toxic to undead creatures, vicians, and other twisted creatures as it will cause either sickness or slows down the presence of wicked magic.

Silvery Water

The most refreshing and purifying substance are the waters that flow through Haven. Any disease is cured and any bodily harm is healed overtime. Given time, even missing limbs will be restored and failed limbs will be restored in their ability.


Angel is a broad term for these beings of mighty majesty. Not all of these divine beings see things similarly but are still unified in their goal of spreading wellness to the Florenic Worlds.


A good omen, some will say, is the sight of a specific creature, typically an animal. Typically the guardian spirits that watch over those who need it most. An animus is quick to step in when someone’s life is threatened and is quick to intervene. The one being defended by an animus often does not recall its rescue, as the animus prefers.

An animus is unlike the other angels. They choose an animal form to take on as they go about into the dark corners of the Florenic Worlds. Sometimes they find purpose in protecting the defenseless or combating dark powers that threaten life.


The celestials known as caels reside here. They are beings who seek to spread hope and wellbeing for mortals. They are the most benevolent beings as they frequently put themselves into harm’s way just to help preserve a person’s life. Violence from a cael is only drawn out if you force its hand into defending itself or keep those its protecting safe.

A cael’s appearance starts off as a vibrant humanoid spirit and slowly becomes more corporeal. With further aging, it becomes more defined as a being of Haven as its features embody multiple sets of feathered wings, a silvery complexion, and eyes or markings that glow with pure radiance.


Among angels, many aspects of benevolence and wellbeing are shared. Justice and integrity are the two traits seraphs admire most of all. Especially among the angels, they are the first to confront evil, knowing that vile acts only prevail until that which is good confronts it.

Seraphs are the most mortal-looking among the angels though their Havenly nature is given away with their wings. As is common with many angels, their wing sets also grow as they age. They are often seen clad in plate armor with sword and shield.

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