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The Realm of Energy

First there was darkness and the howling from the winds of despair. In that moment I braced for my inevitable end of a foolish endeavor. Instead, there was a blinding flash of light. My eyes adjusted for the longest time in that moment. Eventually I saw trees, then bright flowers of varying pigments growing around me. The grass waded above me in the air, keeping me hidden as I lay underneath a pearly sky of floating worlds above me.

A tall, gentle creature came to loom over me. It’s head was shaped as an owl and wore beautifully woven robes of white and bright blue, “Why should your path end there? It should not be ended by foul creatures.”

— A scholar’s account of being rescued into Paradise.


Upon stumbling into Paradise, it would be easy to mistaken the place for Haven because of it’s bright and beautiful nature but there are major differences between the two. Firstly, Haven is far more cloudy where blessed waters flow through the streams. In Paradise, there is always a soft warmth that emanates from grandiose spheres of glowing radiance called energy springs. These springs may be few but they aren’t hard to find as they are the center of entire massive islands.

The main island people come to is Myalmor. It is a land of glistening forests with a sea that reaches over to Adyajelle Island. In Myalmor, the trees glisten with constant morning dew. The majesty of the mountains form along the sides to create a valley of splendor where the energy spring is centered.

Fauna & Flora

Whatever type of animal you can consider on Florenelle exists. The diverse amount of flora and fauna that spreads across the islands is near impossible to even consider documenting each and every living thing. The best explorers and scientists can do is to record the most successful plants and beasts that have a greater presence than most on an island. Curiously, there are occasions of creatures unique to Paradise.


Giant avian birds in glistening feathers, they romp around the realm as predators of small creatures such as chickens, dogs, and more. They have followed exploration parties in hopes of picking on their dwarrin members.


Standing tall and with beautiful patterns of glistening white and powdery brown for fur, are cervips. They are deer-like creatures that can be domesticated as mounts.

Natural Resources

Energy Springs

Energy springs are massive spheres of light. They can often be found at the center of every island. It is pretty safe to say that these energy springs are the reason why so much “creation” happens and why life is so prosperous. Scholars theorize that approaching an energy spring without protection is highly dangerous, as the sheer amount of energy that radiates off of these spheres will sear apart the body. Where the soul goes afterwards is still up for debate, as some believe the spirits ascends and becomes part of Paradise or truly dies off and is dragged all the way to Requiem Castle in Etherius

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