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The Realm of Dreams

First, I thought I had nodded off and jolted awake to keep my head up. When I convulsed to see my teacher, I instead was somewhere else. A beautiful and picturesque grotto with an opening to the bright sun that didn’t even harm my eyes. A tree with a wide reach of leaves stands tall in the center as it was flanked by an anxious dark entry on one side and one of cheery light on the other.

I wasn’t alone, as there was a kind old lady who sat on one of the tree’s giant roots. I could have sworn it was like she was waiting for me. “Now is not the right time,” she told me, “you are meant to be learning in class, young man.”

— An Arcane League student’s account of dreaming of Somnius while in class.

Entering the Realm of Dreams

Entering into Somnius isn’t as easy as falling asleep and then drifting away. It requires the individual to sleep with wind chimes Somara herself has blessed. Only then does a creature have a key in entering these lands.

To acquire these blessed chimes can be tedious. The watcher over this realm only provides her Dreamwalkers with these chimes as they go around their homes to spread the peace this realm has to offer. Somara prefers Somnius to be a place where individuals gather to find harmony with what fills them with dread and what brings euphoria to them to find the balanced center as they rest.



Tranquiline is the center of this realm. Those who Somara summon to her realm start here. It’s a small area surrounded by glowing grottos and where a tall tree stands dominant in the center. The grottos glisten based on which other half of Somnius they lead to: Fascinatia or Trepidition.


A land of great beauty of forests and hills with vibrant color, Fascinatia’s stems from the happiness, peace, and love in the cosmos, mainly in Florenelle, Elvarid, and the Shadowfell. At times of great celebration, Fascinatia often glows and dances with great amounts of color and wonder. When the Necromantic War ended, for example, it is represented by a valley of trees with golden fruits that can fight back against Trepidition’s encroachment.

The Glimwell is a glistening blue and orange portal. Those who step through become witness of what will bring them peace. Somara is very careful of using the Glimwell, as she worries people could become restless at seeing a life they may never have. The main reason the Glimwell is used is so she can show unto others a reason to live on and pursue their dream.


The dark mountains and storm clouds that loom over this place, it embodies the woes, fears, and despairs of many. These are the dark lands that Somara brings to people if they hope to face their fears. The Necromantic War especially has a strong mark here, as it often embodies a black-stained window with whispers of screaming and battle cries from that wretched past. Those who touch it witness the intense trauma the War has caused.

Sometimes the darkness grows too much. Methods Somara use either involve bringing the anxious to face their fears in Trepidition, send her dreamwalker followers into Florenelle for instilling peace in Florenelle, or combat what darkness itself rises from here.

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