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Islands of Oceania (O-shee-ann-EE-uh)

One of the most difficult parts of trying to tame this irritating region are all those islands!
Lord Glenbrook


Oceania is a massive tropical region full of islands. It’s all a massive maze once you’re within the clusters and you have no map. Here are just some islands you can visit.

Isle of Locktuse

This Trinian colony is the core base of operations for the Kingdom’s endeavors in Oceania. Usually Locktusers explore what their island has in store but the presence of nivallen make it a little tricky without upsetting them.

Ravager’s Rock

The furthest southeast island. You will know you have reached this cursed isle when the waters start turning dark green and hideous. It’s a dreaded island even the bold Argatons refuse to reclaim. It was once an outpost for Drakmir to spot invaders coming early to the mainland during the Necromantic War. Now that purpose is long gone.

Ecosystem Cycles

Generally any season besides summer is the perfect time to be in Oceania. The weather is comfortable, the waters are generally calm, and the wildlife is pretty active. It’s during summer is when the heat is uncomfortable and rainstorms are the only solace from the rays.


For all of salvaged history, Ravager’s Rock has always been disjointed islands. No one actively sought to claim them because of the difficulty to move between islands. It would be until the Necromantic War that Oceania’s importance would become vital for the first time. The Dominion of Argatok used them to stall the Arkonian Order despite the futile efforts.

Now in the Age of Restoration, Oceania has become a key battleground in the Colonial War. Products such as sugar, coffee, and more are what attract entire fleets to battle it out on the waves. Neither the Royalists or Triumvirate have made any significant gains on the

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