Province of Carrington


Governess Collingwood

The lady who presides over the province is Governess Collingwood. She is a mother with a son who is part of the fencibles and is stationed in Fort Nesmin.


Fencibles are responsible for the town's safety and can be found within the towns. They help oversee Fort Nesmin, which is a coastal fortress designed to protect Trinidad's coast from naval attacks.

Industry & Trade

Fish and bread are a dietary staple in a Carrier's diet. The fishing industry here helps with feeding the kingdom in the nearby provinces.


Fort Nesmin

This coastal fort oversees the safety and protection of the region.


The town known for its dockyard and fishing. It's the capital of the region for its importance of food production.


A religious town famed for its Gregorian depictions of angels and humanoids in prayer.


Feldenberg is a place where a lot of Viennese settle. The infamous Miskham Asylum sits aside to house the loons of the town.

Crowley University

Sitting quietly in abandonment is Crowley University. It was a fairly known place founded by former Headmaster Crowley. He was hoping to avoid the endless paperwork of the Arcane League's terms and conditions. Not only would this place encourage magic, but also general education along the way. It went abandoned after he fled the place during the cult conspiracy with Professor Nearis Denitry.

Guilds and Factions

29th Rescue Division

The 29th Division has set up here. Their outpost here is more for messaging and coordinating with groups within Trinidad's homeland. Occasionally, they can handle any issues outside of the city's control.

Nox Orthodoxy

Stationed within the city are the reclusive Nox Orthodoxy that are led by Overseer Saren Eredren.

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