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Koenigreich Vien


Für König und Vaterland!

The Vien Koenigreich is a kingdom run by Koenig August Kessler. The monarch appoints his lords to govern over the regencies across Vien.

The strength in this is that more power can flow quicker without hindrance. Power can be more easily abused, however.

Obedience or Death

Caught in the unfortunate middle of two craven superpowers, the Trinian King is the first person the Koenig answers to. Disobedience will result in a lack of funding to help with the war effort and projects being put in place.


Rhinelander Origins

Because the Rhine is an island Calvoran power, they colonized onto mainland Calvora in 1456. With time, negligence is what allowed Vien to be separated from the Kaiserreich without a single gunshot in 1502.

Foreign Relations

The Boehmdommer Agreement

Vien is a small country stuck between the expanding powers of the Kingdom of Trinidad and the Triumvirate. The Koenig had the option of staying neutral and risking the advance of another power or joining one of these two powers but have more support to avoid the inevitable. Koenig Kessler decided it would be best to ally with the Trinians than face the wrath of either faction. Seeking the Rhineland's assistance was pointless, as they preferred not to invoke the displeasure of either side. It was either death or dishonor.

Old King Hackett wanted something more. He didn't want an ally, he wanted integration. As a compromise, Kessler agreed to be a protectorate of Trinidad. This would allow for Trinidad more authority and governance to direct their affairs against the Triumvirate. Of course, should Valencia's blethers come marching into the Viennese streets, Trinidad will meet them twice as much.

Für König und Vaterland!

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Protectorate
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Client state / puppet state
Economic System
Market economy
Official State Religion
Parent Organization
Official Languages
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Controlled Territories
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