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Glenbrook Trading Company

The Trinian Trading Company

Do they really need all those guns, all those fleets, and all those securities for a bunch of sugar and tea? I guess so if the grunts of those snobs keep dying to pirates in Oceania.
— House of Commons member observing a G.T.C. outpost


Court of Benefactors

These are governors that oversee the prosperity of a region on a continental scale. At the head of it is Lord Cervus Glenbrook. Each governor is head of their own council made up of governors within that continent. They are given an admiral as both an advisor on trade defenses and security for the colonies.

Lady or Lord Admiral Continent
Cervus Glenbrook Varley Calvora
Newell Wellesley Oceania
Bader Duggery Prageria
Harbrook Dunbrecht Thracallia

Custodial Governor

A Custodial Governor is someone in charge of prosperity within a colony or town in the mainland.

Public Agenda

Overseas trade has become a very valuable commodity. So valuable to be fought over to the death with other major powers. The goal of the G.T.C. is to compete with other major powers to provide goods for the Kingdom, her allies, and the potential allies.


A Private Navy

Just as the Kingdom of Trinidad has her own navy, the G.T.C. has its own as well. The size of which is estimated to be only about half the strength of its home country. It is known Trinidad has a handful of fleets and to think only half of that belongs to the G.T.C. showcases what kind of armada this private company has at its disposal.

A Private Army

Because valuable assets must be defended at all times, the G.T.C. enlists the aid of both homeland and colonial soldiers. Many of which are trained to be marines, able to fight on both land and sea.

Glory to the King!
— Private Army’s Battlecry

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