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Continent of Thracallia

The Thracallian forests are alive. Not in the sense one would think. They’re alive because of the watchful gaze of those leering elves. The eladrin guard we had kept his crossbow close to him, keeping watch of the branches. I would be lying if I did not see an occasional arrowhead peek out of the cluster of leaves in a tree.

And out of nowhere, it wasn’t the nivallen we were meant to fear. It was those Ilshmarric orcs that ambushed us, instead. In a flurry of arrows, the nivallen released a barrage of arrows upon the charging horde of orcs. An arrow that fell short went right through my bag that I used as a shield for the moment. The damage was minimal, thankfully, stitching was enough to repair it.

By the trouble’s end, the nivallen climbed back up their trees and the orcs finally laid dead. Such an encounter had left me shaken as we continued our way to Regalia.

— Eduard Valence, blacksmith from Claddeau


Algesva Cap

The Algesvas are at the northern area of the continent. It consists of plains, hills, and plenty of fur and pine forests. The forests to the southwest eventually turn into taiga as it nears the Torn Swamps. The Zhari and Scandian Dwarrin dominate the Cap.

The Torn Swamps

Southwest of the Algesva Cap is a marshland that has endured the brunt of Necrowar conflicts historically with the Ilshmarric. The land becomes a boggy marsh around the center and eventually turns into a desert further south until it hugs the mountainside to the east.

Mondathras Coast

Many major powers consider this area the gem of the entire continent. After all, it hugs alongside the Eldowind Mountain Range that stretches only a mile away from Oakreach Cove. Here, the people of the Regalian Province settle. They rely heavily on the Eldowind Mountains to keep the Ilshmarri warlords from thinking of invading the area.

Within the forests are where nivallen elves are known to lurk. Some tribes stir trouble with their hated eladrin cousins while others simply don’t mind them.

Within the coast itself are the Calvoran powers that have settled within a few pockets of the area. Their patrols can be seen marching around the woodlands at times as they help escort the lost back to civilization.

Among the more rainy parts of the woodlands, firbolg tribes settle around the area.

Fostering Peninsula

Further south, this area has yet to be explored in its entirety. For the most part, it is a warmer area where rolling plains flourish. A handful of forests spring about here and there in this area. The Calvoran powers have established more colonies in this area, as they refuse to get on the Feydom’s bad side.


Thracallia has frequently been a fey-influenced continent because of its strong connection to Elvarid. The eladrin there have frequently came into this area and eventually became both the altallen from curiosity and the nivallen because of exile. It’s had a fairly rigorous past, to say the least of it.

Before the Necromantic War

The followers of Barenor were outcasted to Thracallia for their exploitation of the natural environments. Much of it being to turn trees and other plants into weapons and using the weather to inflict harm or force it to cause a rainstorm. These followers would eventually become the nivallen, or wood elves, for their interest in being around the wilderness more often than their eladrin cousins.

Here, the nivallen would often squabble with firbolg natives at times but mainly with the Ilshmarric warlords the most. It’s at this point that their rivalry would be cemented and why today’s tribes would prefer attacking Ilshmarric groups on the road over eladrin cousins.

Dwarven kingdoms flourished during this period and occupied most of the mountainous areas of the north. They did not pay much heed to the nivallen, as the wood elves didn’t like the mountains anyways. The Eldowind Mountain Range is where the dwarven kings and their mines worked endlessly to find materials for all sorts of crafting and utility purposes. Legends suggest that King Wolfengar became the wealthiest of them all before the tragedy that the Necromantic War would bring.

During the Necromantic War

Around the time of the Undarid Campaign, that’s when it became a major event for every inhabitant. All it took was for Count Constantine to arrive. The vampire’s scourge would be the reason for many horrors. The use of hungrists and necroment creatures would be first tested here before being widely used by the Arkonian Order.

The nivallen would divide on their opinion of Arkonia. One side believing they are the revenge needed to return to Elvarid while others believed they were an order of empty promises. The cruel acts of Arkonian nivallen would cement them as vile people bent on seeking vengeance against the eladrin for their fate. Their peers were often in the way, however.

For the dwarven kings in the Eldowind Mountains, Arkengrath wanted them gone. They were aiding the Coalition and Constantine was chosen to knock out a vital member. Fighting in the mountains made the newly appointed Dreadlord’s task difficult but the use of Arkonian Plague, vampiric spies, and hungrists made the task far more easier. Because the mountains became blighted, the surviving dwarves made a vast exodus northward. Constantine would then take the opportunity to erase as much as they could of their history and homeland.

The Restoration Era

After the Necromantic War, the eladrin came to the surface while the drow dug their way underneath for refuge. The famous Province of Regalia would quickly be founded while what few drow communities made it to Thracallia have their settlements underground similarly to home. The nivallen at this time have purged the Arkonians from their societies. This would, ironically, divide them because of different degrees to rid them. Some were content with exile while others wanted them killed.

Around 1500 is when the first Calvorans landed to explore the continent, later establishing a few colonies with just a few more decades. Many were hoping to avoid the conflicts of home but when the Trinian and Valencian colonists saw their rival neighbors, it only followed them here. Matters only became worse when the Colonial War began because of events in Oceania.

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