Munjing City, Zhang Empire


  • Humans - 42%
  • High-Elves - 24%
  • Dragonborn - 21%
  • Yuan-ti Pureblood - 11%
  • Other - 1%


Zongdu Kun Tao

The Zongdu, or local governor, manages the city. Watching over in the Jingming Palace, Zongdu Tao is the central authority of the city. His word is often the law.


The city's defenses are usually made up of a militia that is voluntary. These militias are trained in using crossbows or swords and shields. During times of war, generals and their armies help to secure the city's safety.

Industry & Trade

Silk is a valuable commodity that fascinates Europans, Draconians, and even the Feydom. The Zhangese may think that these foreigners have a strange interest but they sure do pay well for something that's quite common in the Zhang Empire.

Rice, beef, seafood, and noodles are a common sight to see for food among these parts.


Pongchu Caravans

The Pongchu is a system of wagon drivers that deliver resources around Yanping safely. Among their recruiters are various tradesmen. The Pongchu have a headquarters here to help organize where they coordinate the logistics of wagon use and tasking how much militia of the militia is necessary to keep those deliveries safe.

Guilds and Factions

Jun Guo

As the head priestess of the local temple, Jun Guo leads Yunzhou's teachings of the Yinlong.

Nanwu University

The Arcane League has a university in the city called Nanwu University.

Magistrate Balasar Myastan

The Doctrine Society have their influential ties on the city. Magistrate Myastan watches carefully over what operations are done to avoid having a bad name.


The story of the Zhanshi rebellion began in this city. The Coatalan Empire lost its first grip on Yanping starting with Munjing City. The rebellion didn't stop here, it went on to liberate the continent settlement by settlement.


Lush dogwood trees blossom outside of town during the Vibrant and Ardent months. The Ruzhing Forest is a beautiful sight for newcomers to the land. The forest does, however, provide thieves an opportunity to steal from travelers along the roadways.

Beyond the city's dockyard to the east, is the beginning of the Sival Ocean. A vast expanse that will take travelers heading westward to Calvora or Drakmir.

Alternative Name(s)
The Zhanshi Homeland
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