Town of Icyglia (Eye-sig-lee-yuh)

A Frozen Town with Forgotten People


Race Percentage 1d100 Roll
Human 35% 1-35
Altallen 25% 36-60
Dwarrin 20% 61-80
Half-Elf 10% 81-90
Goliath 5% 91-95
Other 5% 96-100


Governor Savrell

A tiefling with bluish skin watches over the delicate fragility of the town. Henrik Savrell is the reachable leader of the settlement who hears every ache, complaint, and woe. He oversees resource management, develops the laws, and manages the guards.



Icyglia has 500 loosely trained guards. They may lack some martial quality in their abilities but numbers help to compensate for that. They are often tasked with maintaining order within the settlement and escorting any harvesters and fishers who have been outside.

Walls and Battlements

Wooden makeshift walls barely keeps the chilly winds at bay. They help keep the Ravage bandits aside and doublethink their approach. Battlements help spot any oncoming threat or visitor. It also allows perfect view for the defenders to utilize their ranged attacks behind simple slits within the woodwork.


An Empty Shipyard

When the first settlers came here, there was only the one ship they arrived in. The first governor of the town was hoping to trust aspiring fishermen with the boat to garner more food for the settlers. With such a hopefully blind sense of trust invested in them, that boat never came back. The shipyard has remained void of any floating ship ever since.


The Boiler

In the center of town is a large red obelisk looking structure with eerie black markings. The Boiler, as the locals call it, is the key relic to keeping the town warm. Icyglians dispose of their dead as fuel for the device to continue churning the warmth. As it's given more fuel, a slight red glow emanates between the ground that gives off a warmth that reminds people that Icyglia isn't entirely cold.

Guilds and Factions

Renkirov, the Foreman

In order to survive, work must be done. The bitter cold couldn't care less about a worker's wellbeing. It will indiscriminately freeze anything, sick or healthy. That is why strict working conditions are necessary as it will provide for tomorrow and the children who will take our place in the future. From atop a spire, he watches over the town's activities, ensuring that there are no slackers.

Renkirov is notorious for being a strict authority in the workforce. Carefully commissioned by Governor Savrell himself, the town definitely prospers under Vladilen Renkirov's watchful guide but at an uncomfortable price. Many of the citizens believe him to be the necessary evil that has given just enough quality of life to make things bearable.

Ravage, the Crimelord

To Ravage, laws mean nothing if no one is around to uphold them. Contrary to what is believed, these thugs aren't always looting and making problems in the town. It's no secret that Savrell hires them to scout out the nearby areas. Looting any scavenging is just a bonus to the job. If only these helpful communal deeds overshadowed what annoyances they cause for travelers outside of town.

Archbishop Akramann

Holy and pious, this self-proclaimed Archbishop of the Gregorian Church lifts up the downtrodden soul. Akramann's sermons are a remedy to whatever aches Renkirov has caused from the day's work. He manages the hospital and uses the donations from his church to help heal the sick and wounded.

Some worry that this righteous pursuit has been making him delusional. Rumor has it that his Grace hires inquisitors to silence his critics that are cynical of his motivations. The citizens can only hope that they stay as rumors.


Shipwrecked Settlers

In 1647, the aspiring Calvoran power of the Rhine Kaiserreich wanted a colony of their own. So they sent a ship full of eager citizens out in the world to find a new home. They would be greatly disappointed after a terrible storm had not only blown them off course but also crash the ship along a shoreline of their unwanted new home. Icyglia was miserably founded.

Despite the initial troubles, the Baron of Waldenberg, Lord Ulyssin Savrell, became the founder of the town. He established the essentials for keeping the colonists safe and warm through crafting a fiery pillar that helped to stave off the cold. The darkest aspect is that the citizens agreed to dispose of their dead into this efficient boiler to help keep it running.

A Fractured Legacy

Upon Ulyssin's death in 1689, the factions that were slowly forming in the shadows met each other in the streets after the Baron's funeral. Renkirov's goons, Akramann's pious followers, and Ravage's bandits all confronted into a borderline civil war about who would rule and how they would do it.

What kept and unified the peace was Ulyssin's tiefling son, Henrik Savrell. He developed a compromise with all of these factions so that each of them still retained their former power. The balance would have to hang by an even more precarious position.


Those who seek to find this forgotten town travel northward of the Nidus Region. If you do travel this way, make sure that your boat is equipped to handle the icy chunks that float around the waters.

Much of the space the town occupies is flat, blanketed with snow, and only a few firs and spruce trees sprout around the area. As for the surroundings, the area has a fair amount of hills to traverse.

Natural Resources

Fishing is considered to be the most stable food source in the town. The shoreline and ice holes are common spots to find fishermen trying to feed the community.

Fir and spruce trees are fairly abundant outside of town. They are used as fuel for fires or construction.

The region is decently rich in iron down below. Mines are dug to harvest both the mineral and the scraped rock. These are people who don't want to be sparing of what they find.

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