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Dominance Through Warbands

Ilshmar is under a feudal setup where the dominant warlord (almost always a hobgoblin) commands armies of orcs. Yurik the Wise managed to rally the various warlords and their families into loyalty; often by force. His warlords command entire cities or villages and they get to rule their will over the land. Some are forgiving and can be pushovers while others can be harsh and violent.


Thracallian Swamps

To the west of Regalia and the south of the Tsardom of Zharitov, much of Ilshmar is centered in the Gadridge Swamps. In these humid climates is where plenty of large insectoids roam the sullen trees. The Ilshmarians feast where many of the likes of eladrin would gag. To them, it is home.

Technological Level

Swords and Bows

Ilshmarian warlords have heard of Europa's weapons that spout flame. Some strategists believe that the current arrow volleys with charging orc blades are just as efficient.

Foreign Relations

Expansion to the East

Unified under Yurik the Wise, Ilshmarian warlords are not fond of Regalia's expansion. It is a firm belief that these eladrin hail from the forest realm of the Feywilds and yet they still remain after finding a cure to the Arkonian Plague. If the eladrin won't return to where they belong, Ilshmar will have to expand before they take up anymore forested territory.


The Caste System

Ilshmar is dominated by various peoples all funneled into a caste system that is taught and designed to utilize the inherent strengths of each member. Stepping out of this system is seen as unusual and out of typical line.



The beasts of burden for Ilshmar, ogres are the heavy lifters. Despite their focus in muscle instead of brains, they can be easily agitated. Rogue ogres can undo the hard work they just laid if provoked by a threat, enemy or otherwise.



Goblins are the crafty engineers and planners of the defenses, architects, and various other matters of construction. They are certainly clever but they do not possess the charisma of their taller cousins. They can also act as scholars and researchers to bring new ingenuity.



The infantry of Ilshmar. They commonly form the core ranks of the armies. It is uncommon for an orc to receive a promotion that outranks a hobgoblin but it can happen.



The scouts, security, and flexible personnel. A bugbear's duty is often one that involves acting as support, whether it is as a role of a skirmisher, guard, or spy.



The highest members of this caste system. Hobgoblins are known for their leadership and clever thinking. If a hobgoblin believes the task of leadership is too much responsibility, they can take up alternative roles as part of task forces or agents.

Through Yurik, We Conquer

Founding Date
1683 RE
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Economic System
Mixed economy
Official Languages
Notable Members

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