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Tsardom of Zharitov


Northern Thracallia

In the cold and unforgivable north, the Zhari assemble as if it's an everyday sort. The misery of the frozen hearth is merely an annoying setback to them. This place is the founding where Stravingrad would expand.

Foreign Relations

Hospitable or Unforgiving

Like this much of Zhari culture, the nation likes to reflect on its own matters and aid the weary nations. Though, once the sting of conflict arises, it is difficult to restrain the unrelenting wrath that is released.

The Colonials

The Zhari are relatively undisturbed by these foreign explorers. Their small towns allow for trade and the exchange of information, especially introducing gunpowder and musketry. They have no problem with them, so long as they keep their war to themselves.

The Feydom

Their neighboring city of Regalia needed the Zhari's aid when word about this Arkonian Plague first came about. Because they weren't of Fey ancestry, their assistance in helping contain the Plague would allow the two nations to be great allies.


Learning by Apprenticeship

The Zhari like to teach their kids through experience, as books can't outcompete actual experience in the field. A Zhari youth will enter into the workforce as an apprentice, should they find an occupation they wish to pursue. Contrary to the Colonials, they don't stuff their kids into boxes full of tables where some boring snob gives lectures. Of course, if a Zhari wishes to have an intellectual pursuit, they'll have to trek to a college in bustling towns.
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Founding Date
1256 RE
Geopolitical, Kingdom
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Monarchy, Absolute
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Feudal state
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