Continent of Cyorrin (sai-or-rin)

Homeland of the Arcane Renaissance

Localized Phenomena

Warding Storm

Back during the Necromantic War, Vrexen believed it was inevitable that the Arkonian Order would send everything to defeat their last rival. In order to make the fight far more difficult for them, the Consulate believed it necessary to put some form of destructive barrier. Thus, the Warding Storm was soon manifested over a span of 20 years.

This destructive storm just a mile off the coast has sunk many meager ships. Larger and resilient crafts with sturdy hulls effectively were scuttled by the time they reached the shore. Arkonia may have found workarounds where they still could apply pressure but a majority of vren believe that defense alone allowed the Coalition the ability to strike back on equal grounds.


Arcane Renaissance

The core of the vren’s recorded history did not begin until the Arcane Renaissance. What happened before is namely speculated that the nomadic lifestyle was more prominent. When they realized they could summon fire safely in their palms, they wanted a means of recording how it was done so that others could learn how. Eventually, other spells and techniques were learned and this excitement stirred what vren call the Arcane Renaissance.

This explosion of magical discoveries and understanding of the world required a library to store all these techniques, making settlements become more prominent. It takes a great deal of mental fortitude and understanding of things to cast spells, so it was only reasonable for vren to put powerful mages in charge of these civilizations. Soon, these mages found consistencies in the function of magic and decided to put them into schools based on their core function, such as illusion spells being designed to mislead and fool the mind. Many tried to come up with various schools but the ones the Consulate founded are considered to be set.

Necromantic War

Nerivus was the name of the vren who believed a new school could be founded based on the manipulation of life and death called necromancy. He made many friends and associates across the seas trying to find backers for the promise of eternal life. Though, through his trials and errors, discovered how to animate the lifeless under his command. Eventually, when he made these discoveries to the Consulate, they were horrified by the discovery and sought to purge everything, believing that the school would be used by tyrants to inflict vast wanton cruelty on others. Because neither faction wanted to give in, Nerivus fled to his affiliates and the Consulate hoped to track him down. The Necromantic War soon started.

Nerivus eventually returned to Cyorrin as Arkengrath late in the war. In preparation, Vrexen put up a vast storm barrier of the coastline to hinder naval invasions. The Arkonian Order would still find a means of assaulting the place. With time, devastation still struck the continent from bitter fighting. Though, Arkengrath himself led the assault, confronting the Consulate after so long. Baited, he was defeated by what remained of the Coalition’s heroes and leaders lying in wait for him.

Age of Restoration

By the Necrowar’s end, a vast majority of the continent was devastated by the war. As if a clash of gods had pulverized the region in apocalyptic magic. Consulate, along with their allies, were mortified by what had become of Florenelle as a whole. After a swift punishment on the Arkonian Order to be banished to the Shadowfell, everyone focused on restoration.

Vrexen namely focused on making Cyorrin hospitable again by taking years to remove arcane calamities and traps

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