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Natural Adepts of the Arcane

“Spontane, Consul of Conjuration, what’s he like?”

”See for yourself,” Remethro said.

What we saw next was a fairly tall and slender man with a mildly bulbous head. His skin was powdered with blue and orange chalk, no doubt. His robes adorned the symbol of conjuration on his back.

He looked up around him as glittering gold spheres orbited around a central one like the rest. His arms slowly and gently motioned some of the smaller orbs personally. The vren tilted his head from shoulder to shoulder just as gently as if he were in a trance.

As soon as he saw us, the orbs then collapsed to the chamber floors and vanished into dust on impact. Spontane whirled around and quickly bowed his head to us, “I must apologize! I did not see you there!”

— Duke Windell’s visit to Vrexen

Basic Information


Vren have a humanoid shape that is often pale and slender with slight hues of varying colors. Though as they age, they gain a grayer tint to their body.

Growth Rate & Stages

Once a vren is born, it will go through childhood until it hits puberty around ages 14-16 years. During puberty, that is when a vren's natural ability in the arcane begins to surge. Without proper restraint, minimal damage from emotional outbursts will be had. A vren will then reach maturity by age 20.

Ecology and Habitats

The optimal environment for a vren is any place that isn't dry or sunny on an average day. Vren risk sunburn slightly easier to a human. Only a picky and stubborn one would avoid these places. To compensate, vren will put up protective tarps to block out the gazing sun, should they be in a desert.

Additional Information

Social Structure

In a primal way, vren admire someone who is adept in the arcane. The idea is that those who have this power would protect the group with it and utilize it for the betterment of society. Those who would use their natural gift selfishly or evil would be harshly punished.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Nearly all vren are found in Cyorrin though it is possible that pockets of vren communities step out into the world so they can see more of it.

Average Intelligence

Compared to Dwarrin or dragonborn, vren outcompete them in terms of average intelligence. For a vren, mastering their arcane gift requires study and seeing it as a way of solving a problem.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Feminine Names

Feminine Vrexic names have 2 syllables (on average) and often with -a, -ee -is, or -ya

Example of feminine names include: Adris, Aldra, Baris, Carya, Daree, Duris, Evera, Harya, Ilnaree, Jaya

Masculine Names

Masculine Vrexic names have 3 syllables (on average) and often end with -us, -ek, -in, or -ar

Example of masculine names include: Alderrin, Calicus, Drigtenek, Falkinus, Galtinek, Huldavin, Jolnivar, Kaltinus, Lulnavin, Neurovek

Major Organizations

In Florenelle

My own home and people have turned against me!

Vrexen is the country the vren have established. It is a member of the old Coalition that fought Arkengrath back in the Necromantic War.

Beauty Ideals

Vren love color. It's a way of showing life and positivity. So it's common for vren to powder themselves in chalk if they wanted to seem more attractive to their kind.

Courtship Ideals

Vren have a natural attraction to someone who has developed skills in the arcane and isn't overly emotional. Emotions are perfectly normal to expect but to be overly excited or dramatically depressed is something that's seen as annoying. In truth, vren like to have some emotion just as a reminder that their interest isn't a living husk.

Average Technological Level

In Faunerro

The vren islanders in Dulnmoor use what resources are available to them but the help of the Ardentians means finely crafted armaments and tools they can use.

In Florenelle

Inspired by the firearms from the Colonial powers of Trinidad and the Triumvirate, the vren have developed arcane firearms. There are different armaments that specialize in types of damage. Typically, the ammunition for these devices can be costly.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Vrennic is the language vren speak the most.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Signature Robes

Robes are a common site among vren. Because the vren are famous for their use of magic, it is why practitioners of the arcane arts are commonly associated with robes.

Common Taboos

Vren are naturally curious, if not more, compared to humans. Taboos in vren society would typically be someone who lacks standards, as standards are a way of ensuring that unnecessary cruelty is avoided.


In Faunerro

Precursors to Ardentry

Vren hail from a few islands in Dulnmoor when it comes to the Kingdom of Ardentry. They have an interesting likeness to the Precursors that came before Ardentry. Helping them in their research, they have come to find that the Precursors were a peculiar sort.

Precursor history shows that those on the mainland had made great strides in advancements with technology and research. Though, oddly, they did not worship any deity or followed any religious form of practice. Their whole goal as a society was resource control and territorial dominance. With time, the Precursor factions were bound to destroy the other through vast devastation. They would certainly disappear but how is the odd question. There are no traces of how it came to be or where they even went; gone without a trace.

Civilized by Caels

As Ardentry expanded during the Tranquil Era, the humans and caels found a few islands with scared primitive vren. The caels found that all the vren were shocked to see humans and even odder beings, the caels, with them. Showing them kindness and being of aid, the vren happily joined alongside the Revered and gained a newfound purpose. For prior, they did not even know of planar powers and eagerly wanted to be alongside the kind caels.

In Florenelle

Dark Age

At one point that was long before the influential Necromantic War, the vren actually had no experience with magic. So much of their society was tribal and basic. The only record of this history are within carvings of trees, caves, and cliff faces. What would bring about the next step of pushing the vren forward was the discovery of the arcane. The legend insists that when the first vren created and held a small fire in the palm of their hands, that was the start for something big. It would lead to the next step of their history.

Arcane Refinement

During this time, the vren became curious and borderline addicted to this strange and new discovery known as magic. As the years went by and arcane talents flourished, the vren mind became capable of higher thinking compared to simple gestures and basic speech patterns. There came a renaissance.

At the late point of this time, that is when the schools of magic became founded by the vren. Eventually the founders would become known as the Consulate that now rules over Vrexen. Eventually, however, the last school to be would be necromancy, founded by Nerivus, better known as Arkengrath. These events would lead up to the Necromantic War after seeking to purge and exterminate Nerivus and his teachings of necromancy.

Historical Figures

In Florenelle


The most notorious vren is Arkengrath. He and his followers, the Arkonian Order, plunged the world into a dark conflict known as the Necromantic War (or Necrowar for short). He was eventually defeated in his moment of glory to finish off the Coalition. His remaining followers were either hunted down or banished to the Shadowfell.

Common Myths and Legends

In Florenelle

The Fire in Hand

Among vren scholars, the Fire in Hand is symbolic to them as the renaissance of the arcane studies. It hails from the story of the first vren to hold a fire in their palm without being harmed.

Nurse Heldra

During the Necrowar, a nurse known as Heldra saw the carnage done to Elvarid at the time. The dirt was scorched with vile remnants of Arkonian dark magic or damage from dragon breaths. Soldiers wounded in the desecrated field were often expected to pass on especially from the added dark magic involved.

To help cure the wounded men and fields, she planted specialized flowers with evocation magic to sprout from the earth and provide a cleansing essence. She would be known for placing these flowers on the armor and uniforms of the wounded soldiers.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Races in General

Vren are curious and like to interact with things before coming to a conclusion. The same goes for other races and peoples. Why waste time harming a bystander if they mean no harm or ill intentions?

In Florenelle

Coalition Descendants

Eladrin, drow, and wyrmblood, and others descended of the old Coalition are highly regarded by vren. Many of the older vren often hold gratitude and respect as some form of thanking them for helping their ancestors.


There is no doubt that the Sadarren have caused a lot of grief in the past. However, much of that has been long ago in the past. Many of the younger generations of vren have never heard (or even cared) about them since none of them ever get in contact with at least one.

If a vren were to see a sadarren, they would no doubt be mistaken for a lunadrin or nivallen because of their pale and slender features.

Florenic Worlds


ability score increase: Increase one score by 2 and increase a different score by 1, or increase three different scores by 1.
age: Vren mature between ages 18 to 22 and live up to 140 years.
alignment: Usually of neutral alignment as they don’t drift into either alignment too heavily with their analytical thinking.
Size: Medium
speed: 30 ft.
Languages: You can speak, read, and write Common, Vrennic, and one other language of your choice.
race features:

Research Specialist. Vren often find a topic that fascinates them when it comes to a field of study. You have proficiency in one of the following skills of your choice: Arcana, History, Nature, or Religion.

Resilient Psyche. Too curious for their own good at times, the vren mind is desensitized to most things that are considered scary. You have advantage on saving throws against being frightened.

Gifted Arcanist. You know the Prestidigitation cantrip.

Starting at 3rd level, choose one 1st-level spell of your choice from any class. Starting at 5th level, choose one 2nd-level spell of your choice from any class. Once you cast your chosen 1st-level or 2nd-level spell with this trait, you can’t cast that spell with it again until you finish a long rest. You can also cast either of those spells using any spell slots you have of the appropriate level.

Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma is your spellcasting ability for that spell when you cast them with this trait (choose when you select this race).

140 Years
Conservation Status
It would be easy to think that the vren are a very rare race of people that is on the borderline of extinction. Though, once someone steps foot on Cyorrin, they then realize where all the vren have gone.
Average Height
5'1" - 6'11"
Average Weight
95 lbs. - 140 lbs.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
A vren has various colored hues. Usually, these various hues are a sign of their parent's origin. For example, a blue and a red-tinted parent will have a purple-hued child.
Related Ethnicities

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