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Draconic Descendants

Draconic Lineage

Wyrmblood is a broad categorization for those with both Draconic heritage and having Draconic features. Because of the volatility of dragon blood, there are many ways one’s ancestry manifests.

To be descended from dragons is a truly unique legacy to have. Such is the case with their descendants called wyrmbloods. They can range in varying degrees of how much they resemble their mighty ancestors. Some will have majestic horns and wings while others are simple with a tail and muzzle.

Here are the three most common forms of Draconic heritage. Note that, because dragon blood is an innately magical substance, lesser wyrmbloods aspire to dragon masters to earn mighty wings and more potent breaths. Kobolds and dragonborns can become mighty half-dragons or even be turned into full-fledged mighty dragons by even rarer occasions.


Though they are small in stature and merely having the appearance of stout dragons, kobolds are ferocious in number. What they lack in stature is made up for in their cunning.


At the average height for humans, dragonborns are quite dragon-like in appearance. Some are born with tails while others are not. What they have in common is the ability to exhale their dragon ancestor’s breath.


At the pinnacle of wyrmblood hierarchies are half-dragons. Their appearance is so dragon-like they could be mistaken for an adult or ancient dragon in their smaller humanoid form. The envy of all wyrmbloods as they have both the wings and breath, the tail and the horns, and the fortitude of their ancestor.

Genetic Ancestor(s)

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