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Continent of Yanping

In the ashes of the snake tyrants, they flourished in these lands twice freely and without consequence. Architecture of snakes were torn and creativity flourished as blossom patterns and dragon statues were put in their place. I come here again and again to be reminded that through determination, a mountain can be moved.
— Minister Ironhand


Xinghong River

The longest river on the continent, the Xinghong River stretches around much of the countrysides and through the forests. It eventually spills out into the ocean on the west coast. By Late Hollow, that is when people gather by the river in hopes that they get to meet the spirits of their departed loved ones.

Ruzhing Forest

To the east of the coastline is the Ruzhing forest. There, the beautiful dogwood trees dominate the region.

Sival Ocean

West of the coastline is the Sival Ocean where traders from Calvora and Prageria cross to reach the main ports.


During the Necromantic War

Life was quiet and simple here before the Coatalan Empire came. A section of the continent fell victim to their cruelty just as others have. In order to increase productivity and potentially dominate the peoples there further, the Coatalans brought in more conquered peoples from faraway lands. What the Coatalans didn’t see coming was what would unite their captives: revolution.

When Salazar Kiver struck a deceptive blow on the Coatalan emperor, all of their territories could feel it. The grip weakened significantly as leaders questioned their loyalties to their leadership and ideals. Through this confusion, the Yanese were aided by Yunzhou to rebel against their conquerors and become liberated. The famous Zhanshi warriors were the brave rebels that truly brought freedom.

Restoration Era

A new order rose from the remains. The first and new emperor became Minzou, leader of the Zhanshi, and his reign was highly respected. Though, the curse of the Xian’yu, the evil within, can claim even the purest heart. Legends have it that through Yunzhou’s guidance, Minzou returned to his former glory if not brought Yanping a golden age.

Unfortunately, all things do come to an end. Minzou’s son took the throne from there. Opportunistic advisors swooped in to manipulate the young ruler to their liking. This left the empire worried and soon factions broke off, believing that the Xian’yu had corrupted the leadership. The Shirro Shogunate swiftly formed soon after to the east. Following that path soon after became the nomadic Sajan Khanate up north.

The old “Empire of Warriors” now comes under the rule of the new emperor Huanfen Zhang. A stern yet respectable ruler, Yanping is now on edge if the Sajanese and Shirroen are willing to rejoin the empire. Perhaps borders will not be altered and all continues as it is. All that keeps these factions on edge are new Calvoran traders from Empire of Valencia and Kingdom of Trinidad and what their intentions could be.

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