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Town of Divinterre (Div-in-terr)


Much of the region’s population are humans, altallen (high elves), or half-elves. In terms of culture, the native Divinters are Valencian. Venezians are spread out through the area while some are sequestered to the lowly village of Baldacci where at least some refuge can be had from the Cardinal’s scorn.

Percentage 1d100 Race
30% (1-30) Altallen
60% (31-90) Human
10% (91-100) Half-Elf
Percentage Culture
70% (1-70) Valencian
30% (71-100) Venezian


Bloodwater Theater

No one goes here. It is a rundown theater that has never seen use. Most of the town is utilized in some way by Couteau’s command but he insists that this place stay as it is. To what purpose? No one can say. Rumors of it being haunted should be all the more reason for the Cardinal to demolish the site.

Cidrefils Tavern

A respite for the weary traveler. To their disappointment however, alcoholic beverages are illegal. Ambrose Moreau, the owner of the tavern, sells apple and pear juice delivered from the farm of Portogne.

Notre Majeste

This grand cathedral rises high above the town. No matter where one goes, this massive building overlooks the entire region. Because the town is operated by the Vindicate Church, it is also used as a courtroom and prison.

Founding Date
Large town
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