Basic Information


Dwarves are stout and stocky fellows. What they may lack in height, they make up for in strength surprisingly.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Dwarves can be commonly found among mountains and hillsides depending on their preferences.

Civilization and Culture


In Faunerro

The dwarves live alongside halflings and gnomes in the Kingdom of Ardentry and are known as stouts as a whole. They are known for being jolly fellows with a strong sense of community and family.

In Florenelle

Dwarrin? Dwarf? Dwarvene? No one really knows their true name. All the dwarrin people know is that they can trace their heritage back to the vast mountains on the continent of Thracallia. Great mighty dwarrin rulers built and carved vast stone architecture as proof of their expertise. The details of which are uncertain due to the Necromantic War. The cruel Arkonian Order had wiped out much of their history and what was known of them. Those surviving dwarrin became known as the Zhari as they fled to the north, hiding away in the cold that greatly hindered any pursuit.

Over in the north of Calvora, they became part of the Kingdom of Trinidad as one of their kings from long ago aided them during the early days of the Age of Restoration.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

In Faunerro

Roden. Those verminous roden have been picking on their farms, stalking through their castles, and are many in numbers. They are irritating to deal with mostly because of how slippery they are with running away from punishments.

In Florenelle

Eladrin. On the continent of Thracallia, the kind eladrin of Regalia and the Zhari dwarrin have gotten along rather well. Both sides respect the other and tend to keep to themselves. Though, when the Ilshmarric start acting up, both are quick to agree in aiding the other.

Average Height
Average Weight
155 lbs.

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