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Province of Regalia (reh-gal-ee-uh)

The Province of Refugees


Race Percentage (1d100)
Eladrin 42% (1-42)
Nivallen 13% (43-55)
Draconic (dragonborn, kobold, half-dragon) 12% (56-67)
Dwarrin 10%% (68-77)
Human 10% (78-87)
Altallen 8% (88-95)
Vren 5% (96-100)


Duke Windell, aided by the counts and viscounts, oversees the entirety of the region. Windell's power is mostly to dictate law that affects the province.

Settlement Governor
Regalia Duke Heldoroth Windell
Graylen Count Arthur Dwindle
Liquess Countess Elrynna Rotherune
Minnessir Countess Maleera Hauldimink
Wollow Count Haidell Withren


Folian Guard

The Folian Guard is a rather basic troop that watches over the safety of the province. At their best, they can operate better than most militias since they are trained to handle law enforcement and basic defenses of the town. Windell has made it mandatory that all tradesmen who travel along the roads must have the Folian Guard for protection if they don't already have some form of mercenaries to ensure their wellbeing.

The Folian Guard enlists volunteers from throughout the province. Some have vendettas against the nivallen for their attacks where others enlist hoping to make a positive difference.

Industry & Trade

Provincial Trade


Graylen’s port allows the town to send and receive overseas trade. Various commodities brought from the SNO and Glenbrook trading companies allows for a lot of variety. It is also considered the industrial powerhouse because of its factories to turn the raw materials from the other towns into other supplies such as wood into lumber.


Liquess is the breadbasket of the province. It’s a vibrant place where plants flourish from fertile soils. Beautiful parks and orchards sprawl around this rural region and are getaways for lovers to run off from the rest of the world.


The mining town sequestered south of Regalia City and tucked in the valley of mountains. Gemstones and smithing materials are manufactured here.


This macabre and gloomy town is known for collecting wood for construction. Graveyards are also a common sight to see since Eladrin have disposed of Wilting Disease victims here. Medicinal remedies are crafted here and often sent to the City of Regalia for Gredderleth Hospital, where the fight against the Wilting Disease takes place.

General Trade

Delnmon Tea

There is a popular tea brewed within Elvarid from the leaves of delnmon trees. It’s a very sweet tea that is popular among the Faene that is exported to the Calvora and Prageria.

Guilds and Factions

Colonies from Calvora

Ever since Calvorans colonized the continent of Thracallia, these outsiders have been keen to woo the Regalians for aid. Some wanting to put Duke Windell in a constitutional monarch position because of where they're from and wanting to uphold those balanced ideals.

Nivallen Tribes

Because of historical grievances, it is not rare to hear about nivallen attacks on civilian caravans. Peace talks with the various tribes have been known to decrease the attacks but some tribes are more finicky about this old heritage crime.

Kniferose Clan

The Kniferose Clan is considered the most dangerous of the nivallen tribes. They are radical followers of Barenor and attack Faene caravans relentlessly when given the chance.


After the Necromantic War, much of Elvarid was inhospitable because of the Arkonian Plague. The only way to study and fight back against was to get a foothold that wouldn't be contaminated so easily. Thus, the northern center of Thracallia would be settled on the 24th of Late Ardent on the first year of the Restoration Era. Because of the Arkonian Plague's lack of potency in Florenelle, the province became the center for both treating and restoring Elvarid.

The capital city of the province was first selected for how easy it is to reach. It became a heart that circulated and pumped out trade into the towns. The nivallen would be notorious for pouncing on civilians, hoping to scare them back to Elvarid.


The area is widely forested with small hills. To the west are mountains that hug along the province and protect the peoples from Ilshmaric attacks, or at the very least, impede them greatly.

The forests can seem peaceful but both poets and travelers like to think that it is to lull you into complacency. Nivallen are keen to prey on vulnerable eladrin travelers. Most attacks aren't lethal but they are dangerous enough to cause anyone to second guess if it's worth the travel.

Natural Resources

  • The Town of Graylen is a coastal settlement met with Calvoran travelers frequently and is full of fish to be had.
  • The Town of Liquess provides salmon from the river that runs through it.
  • The mining town of Minnessir provides the province with the minerals and ores for crafting weaponry and construction.
  • The Town of Wollow is where a lot of lumber is produced for construction projects.

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