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Bunny Session 4

General Summary

24th of Late Hollow, 1725

Kordrus has finally departed with Mr. Leclerc, a retired wizard from the Arcane League. He also brings in the Scandian mead and ale for the tavern to sell.

A Gregorian Silver Sentinel, Johan Dreyer, asks the party's assistance in stopping a Doctrine member from completing his fiendish ritual at a secluded manor in the Ellidon Woods.

While there, the Bunnies infiltrated into the manor and rummaged through the Baron's home. They found various recordings about meeting the familiar Professor Denitry, and how they are close friends, that was intended to document the summoning process. They also provided clues to opening the secret doorway into his inner sanctum.

One of the guest rooms contained a nightgaunt that was sent to retrieve Denitry's favorite college robes he left behind. The Bunnies killed the strange telepathic creature.

Once down the secretive steps, they found a tiefling that was jailed within and given an amnesia potion. Further down the chamber, the Bunnies found the Baron, his servants in menacing red uniform, Denitry as a spectator, and imps. He summoned Tirritus in hopes of trapping and keeping him hostage to blackmail Vildramus into giving Inferna to him. It was a trick the imps played all along, as every fiend laughed hysterically at the idea of being controlled by a weakling. And so, the Baron teleported through his circle before a fiery rock could smash him. Because Tirritus had a previous contract, he upheld it by sending Necrovar, an undead lord from the Shadowfell, through the portal. Upon being defeated by the Bunnies, Necrovar was thrown back into the Shadowfell.

In the aftermath, it's revealed that Denitry was spectating as a projected image. Wanting his favorite coat back, the Bunnies dealed that he would pay 450 florens and came in person to pick it up. After the confrontation, Johny crafted 4 blether servants and Makar burned down the wretched Manor.

Rewards Granted

  • 300 florens

Missions/Quests Completed

  • Stopped Necrovar from entering through the portal.

Character(s) interacted with

  • Johan Dreyer
  • Nearis Dentiry
Attending Characters
  • Bane
  • Johnny
  • Makar
  • Tazerface
Report Date
12 Oct 2019
Primary Location

Florenic Discord


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