Doctrine Society

Pursuers of Esoteric Knowledge

Creating Doctrine Characters

Invitation to Join

Membership into the Society is not easy. Typically, a certain set of skills are necessary before one is able to sign on. Are you skilled with speaking to celestials and that potential is why you’ve been invited to join them? Perhaps killing off a rampaging demon from Inferna caught a mentor’s attention. Consider what skills or events led you to be invited.

Field of Study

Every Doctrine agent is encouraged to specialize with a certain topic within Florenelle. Mastering arcane arts is seen as a weak pursuit unless that arcana is tied to a certain subject, such as the undead or even the fey. Perhaps the secrets of the Gathering are a tempting thing in hopes of using them for good?

Dark Secret

Success in the Society often comes at a price. Did you have to kill an innocent to prove loyalty and get closer with a fiend? Did you turn yourself into a monster as part of the experimenting process? Perhaps you robbed graves to practice the art of necromancy from Arkengrath’s teachings and (maybe accidentally) caused an undead attack on the locals. What dark secret burdens you just for acquiring success?



The Archmagistrate is a leader that is chosen by the magistrates and is trusted to settle disputes between them. They are tasked with ensuring the Society’s reputation isn’t foul with other factions.


A magistrate within the Society is a very high position. Newly selected magistrates are often carefully introduced into this tight circle of influence. These members have often uncovered forgotten ways of life or have proven themselves to be experts over their studies by their implementation.

Subject Specialty Magistrate Race
Aberrants Tharinoth Alyirdon Lunadrin
Advancements Alistair Fugue Human
Arcana Percival Holm Human
Celestials Temerity Tiefling
Dragons Kyou Nakamura Human
Fey Saija Tabaxi
Fiends Dirakaar Dragonborn
Primordials Therese Altallen
Undead Neurovek Vren

Sworn Cadre

A position that is slightly lesser to the magistrate but is still held in high regard. They often act as the muscle or guard for magistrates and the archmagistrate. The benefit of being part of the Cadre is having access to the personnel such as blether servants and guards.


Mentors are deeply experienced in the occult at this point. Magistrates can trust these particular people to help teach apprentices. If a mentor does not have a student to teach, they usually go off to practice their research.


These are the initiated members. They have proven themselves that they have a basic understanding of manipulating the supernatural, such as summoning and banishing creatures. They often require a mentor if they intend to continue climbing the hierarchy. They can be trusted to have a restricted amount of the Society's resources.


These are newcomers who have an interest in the Society. They have yet to make a name for themselves.

Public Agenda

The world is still being explored and studied. What is on the surface is already crowded with mundane scholars and meddling ideologues. What the Doctrine Society does is look under the rug that others are too scared to see. It’s here that the Society flourishes to pursue esoteric and neglected knowledge.

Double-Edged Knowledge

The core intention is to thoroughly understand these topics and know how they work in order to know how to help or hinder the subject. The idea behind this is to have a plan of action in case of corruption or incursion. An example would be knowing how to call upon a Haven celestial for aid while also knowing how to banish it in case an Infernal Clan client needs assistance.

Protect and Study

Founding Date
Secret, Occult

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