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Town of Graylen

The Port Town of the Province

The town of Graylon at last. A foreign age of industry has a foothold on these Faene lands. Hollow towers vomit smoke into the clouds as citizens live their daily lives. The sails of countless ships move in and out of the harbor to the west where the people come and go with their goods.

It gives the feeling of an identity crisis of being Faene or Calvoran. Such atmosphere is strong here.

What should be a flamboyant people are instead tired and sore. The music in the streets begs for better days. Such cathartic pleas go unheard by the masses.

The Folian Guard here no longer have green cloaks with hoods or even their bows slung on their back. With an order to advance, it quickly becomes clear what they really adorn. Marching in columns, they wear uniforms with muskets and bayonets at their shoulders.

The oddities don't end there. The worst of it has yet to come when you walk by the factories!

Hissing pipes and turning gears are a regular site in many areas that drain the Faene spirit. Many of the workers wonder how this change came about but a foreman is quick to remind of their duties. Perhaps the greatest clue would have to be of a stern portrait depicting the half-elf Count, Arthur Dwindle.

— Arrival Script


Count Dwindle

Arthur Dwindle is the Faene Count over the town. Unlike the other towns of the province, he actually has an organized small council that consists of the viscounts that watch over the local villages. Normally, other counts and viscounts don’t really coordinate unless needed.


A regiment of Folian Guard is on standby to oversee the security of both Graylen and the villages nearby. Because of Count Dwindle’s Calvoran heritage, these troops are trained in the use of muskets and bayonet charges.

Industry & Trade

Overseas trade with the Calvorans, namely the Kingdom of Trinidad and the members of the Triumvirate.

Some resources from overseas trade and materials brought in from the other towns of the province are refined here to be prepared for exporting within the factories.

Guilds and Factions

Feydom Confederacy

The Feydom Confederacy holds sway over the town. Duke Windell visits a fair amount, like with the other towns, to ensure the healthy wellbeing of the province. Though, it’s not too rare that a Master or Mistress visits. Often loyalists to the Feydom are suspicious of the half-elf count’s mingling with Calvorans and where loyalties could lie.

Rival Trading Companies

The business between the rivaling trading companies of S.N.O. and the Glenbrook Trading Company is a perfect recipe for conflict. Thankfully, both sides have agreed to keep things civil between them. If they were to act up, Count Dwindle is not afraid to close off the entire business with the Feydom Confederacy.


Bettlebranch Theater

Bettlebranch Theater is a popular site for entertainment. Most of the things that are played here are Faene plays because of their innate popularity.

Coastal Beach

The added benefit of being a port town is the local beachside. Whether to enjoy the warm and sunny day on the sands or flying kites, it’s a favorite attraction for families.

Brined Leaf Tavern

This tavern is operated by a retired captain, Derrinthos Bircherian, nicknamed The Captain by his customers. Most patrons within his bar are sailors and other workers who handle the rough side of jobs. Do fights break out? At least once a week. The Captain doesn’t care about the brawls until the furniture gets involved or a window gets smashed. That’s when he gets involved and throws both the troublesome brutes out.

Steamy Kettle Tavern

The Steamy Kettle is a proper tavern operated by Kailanthra Turinsa. She operates mainly for a lot of traders and merchants. There is very little tolerance for any rough manners or brute behavior. If the air of being professional wasn’t enough, Arthur Dwindle personally comes down occasionally to discuss less private matters at times with his friends.

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