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Town of Liquess (Lie-kwess)

The Breadbasket of the Province


Elrynna Rotherune

Often found humming to herself with a whimsical song is Countess Rotherune. She’s a very sweet eladrin who demands very little from her town and nearby villages. She mostly coordinates any need for prosecution of criminals or defending the region. She never seeks to hunt down anyone unless you either have caused trouble or piqued her interest.


A regiment of the Folian Guard is ready here. They help farmers with work than repel invaders. Usually if there is an attack, gnolls are the clever hordes rather than Ilshmaric brutes. They know they could starve the entire province should the town falter.

Industry & Trade


Flowers, especially the loveliest ones from Elvarid, are sought out greatly by buyers, whether for decoration or for their lover.

Overflowing Cornucopia

Food is quite stocked here. Sieging this place would take a long while if the attackers are hoping to starve out the town. It’s very likely that whatever fruit or vegetable that is grown, you can find it here even if it’s in or out of season.


Between this town and the City of Regalia, they were the first to be founded. The key difference is that as one settlement grew in size, Liquess grew more into its role as the breadbasket of the region. Not necessarily by want or force, just by accident as the locals would say.


Fey Presence

It’s barely a secret that there is a strong fey presence here. Pixies, dryads, and whatever else are a bit more of a common sight than anywhere else in the province. They love the scenery and the fields, as if it reminds them a bit of home, if it weren’t diseased by the Arkonian Plague.

Lively Countrysides

The beauty of Liquess’ fields cannot be understated. It’s rumored that it’s beauty is influenced by a subtle gateway between the town and Elvarid. Whether through planar influence or just natural luck, the locals and visitors could care less about the source. There may not be many attractions to visit within the town but there are many natural hills and fields to be seen.

Where one sees beauty in these fields, it’s as if lovers see that same thing in each other here. Many Faene couples love coming here for romantic occasions whether it be for a date or their 100th anniversary.

Natural Resources

Fertile fields are the key resource here. All sorts of plants grow here with little fuss and difficulty. That’s why grains, fruits, and vegetables here are common to sell here. Locals often get the best deals because there’s no need to hire caravans to ship the stuff around as far.

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