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Elrynna Rotherune

Countess of Liquess

Countess Elrynna Rotherune

Personality Characteristics


Beauty of both appearance and personality is her drive. Florenelle has seen countless ugly periods and Elrynna believes that it is up to her to put something pleasant for once.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

As the Countess of Liquess, it is only natural for her to learn magic that involves nature. She has even begged relentlessly to some nivallen tribes to share their methods. The Elder over the Owlshrouds has even expressed their amazement with her talent.

Though she is soft at heart it takes a lot of pestering and harassment before she snaps. Even when she does, Elrynna is still a pushover. That’s why she relies heavily on her Folian Guard captain to handle security.


Social Aptitude

Kindness is her consistency. To draw out any malice from her takes a lot of effort.

Neutral Good
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Countess of Liquess
Sky Blue
Rose Red
Ruled Locations

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