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Eladrin (EE-lay-drin)

Basic Information


The eladrin are the eldest of their kindred and their close tie to Elvarid has gifted them a strange ability. Depending on an eladrin's emotional outlook for the day, their features reflect a seasonal mood. Their skin gains a leaf-green hue when they are happy to reflect spring, icy blue when they are sad to reflect winter, sunny yellow for when they are mad to reflect summer, and a calm red when they are at ease to reflect autumn. Of course, these shifts can have many more aesthetics to them, as some eladrin with their spring mood has been known to have small leaves grow along with the hair.

When a community of eladrin share the same outlook, it's possible that a city could have frost along the rooftops even in the middle of a hot summer.

Additional Information

Social Structure

The traditional structure of the fey is that because their lifespans are so grand, they rely a lot of guidance and wisdom on their oldest members within the community.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Most eladrin are found within Elvarid. A grand community of them can also be found within the City of Regalia.

Civilization and Culture

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

The Sadarren Menace

It's well known that the eladrin despise the twisted Sadarren as their Grandest Father would. Their history involving the Necromantic War is well documented. Nowadays, most eladrin have a mild tolerance if they see these abominable "cousins" within their settlements.

Cousin Drow

The drow have long since separated from Elvarid due to a grand mining accident while exploring the Underdark long ago. An entire community was lost to a cave-in that trapped their kindred for countless years. After finding them only about 190 years before the Necromantic War, the eladrin discovered that their new cousins had built an entire civilization in this grand cavern. Orrilius decreed that because they are still of direct fey ancestry, they are fellow kindred.

Many of the Faene rulers of Elvarid were speechless. What do you say to a distant relative you haven't seen in many years? Because of their Grandest Father's wishes, they still respect the long-held alliance. Even among the eladrin and drow, they call each other cousin since they both recognize they are of Orrilius but have branched out accidentally.

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