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Heritage of the Faene

One Heritage, Many Peoples

In Florenelle


Elves that departed into Florenelle long ago, they were hoping to find something other than nature. Philosophy? Advancements? Something less natural to study that sparked early curiosity. They are commonly found scattered across Florenelle, especially on the Continent of Calvora and within mighty fortresses of Thracallia.


While digging around in the dirt, these former eladrin found a cave network. The only issue is that a collapse would cause a separation that would last hundreds of years. During this time, the eladrin would further dig around what is now called Undarid and evolve into the drow we know today. This new environment would stir unrest in the drow, for this environment required risk and harsh leadership for these groups to survive early on. That is why drow can be seen as arrogant to those of weak willpower.


The first recorded elves, they are the oldest and most in tune with the nature that they so love. Their personality can often bring a specific shade to their appearance. If they are miserable and grumpy, they take on the cold and icy aspects of winter, for instance. Being happy and joyful can often show a hue of green or floral colors to their attire. Their close ties to nature are why they can shift in various shades. Some eladrin cities often can be hot and humid when the Algid months roll in during times of turmoil or outrage.


These elves are closely attuned to the dusk and night spectrums of Elvarid. They were indifferent to the Necromantic War and are rumored to have been divided on joining Arkonia or the Coalition. To this day, they are technically part of the Feydom Confederacy but their voice in the matters of politics are whispers compared to the yelling between the eladrin and drow kingdoms.


The first outcasted elves. Nivallen are the pale elves that stalk the woods and are notorious for watching behind the veil of leaves and branches. The eladrin would outcast them for harnessing violent aspects of nature such as storms and howling winds. The nivallen simply sought these forces as a new weapon but their eladrin cousins couldn't manipulate it as easily. Believing it to be a threat to the natural order of things, the nivallen were outcasted long ago, before the Necromantic War. They are now currently found on the continents of Thracallia and Oceania where they dwell in forests and various places overgrown in foliage.


The “black sheep” of the Faene elven lineage. Their close ties with the Arkonian Order and their ferocious nature has forced Orrilius’ hand to banish them from Elvarid Many of them can be found in the Shadowfell if not as stray refugees in Florenelle.

In Faunerro


The "Haven kin", or aetheriin in Elvish, are blessed by the grand cael Renaki. They have a home within the Province of Haliah. Their close attunement with Haven is why they call themselves aetheriin. Many of the eldest are considered the kindest as they have not been exposed to the Shattered Age as long compared to shorter-lived races. Their greatest rivals are their dreaded kin, the inferiin.


Inferiin, or "Infernal Kin," in Elvish, are former aetheriin. They were abandoned by the caels during the incursion and joined sides with the infamous Deviser. They are blessed by Verita, the Betrayed and are known to constantly harass their cousins of Haven.

To play an inferiin, refer to Dark Elf with Inferiin stats at the bottom.


The Nivariin, or "wood kin," are former aetheriin who took an interest in watching over the natural world of Haliah and the surrounding areas. They follow the strange entity of Kadilith, a forest spirit. They don't care about their inferiin or aetheriin cousins, so long as they don't disturb the groves and disturb the peace.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Those of Elven heritage are spread out in Elvarid, the Underdark, and Florenelle.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

In Faunerro

The high elves, called aetheriin there, live alongside the nivariin, or wood elves, in the Province of Haliah. There, as part of the Kingdom of Ardentry, the elves maintain a beautiful landscape and wondrous cities all in dedication to Renaki, a cael over knowledge and understanding.

In Florenelle

The Feydom Confederacy is a vast group of elves in the Feywilds, Underdark, and those of Regalia in Florenelle.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

In Faunerro

The aetheriin (high elves) and nivariin (wood elves) speak elvish. The inferiin (dark elves) speak mostly Undercommon but they do know elvish.

In Florenelle

Depending on the region, the elves speak their own language than standard Elvish. Eladrin speak Sylvan, drow speak Undercommon, and every other, such as the nivallen and lunadrin, speak the whittled Elvish language.

Genetic Descendants
850 years
Average Height
Average Weight
105 - 190 lbs.
Geographic Distribution
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