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Elves of the Arkonian Order

They stood clad in black iron armor with their jagged spears and shields. The sadarren all sneered at the drow in their fortress with spiderweb patterns on the walls. The only thing holding their wrath at bay was the commander atop a skeletal horse. They slowly became restless as time passed but with one gesture from their overseer, they unleashed their horrific screams and charged forward.

Were there prisoners after the fighting? Countless. To many captured drow figureheads, death was preferable to being tortured for their sadistic amusement. They weren’t stabbed to be killed necessarily, they were meant to die the slow and agonizing death every former sadarren slave had endured under their treatment.

The hatred sadarren have for them sends chills down any drow’s spine.

— Dreadlord Salazar Kiver

Basic Information


Sadarren are known to be ghostly pale with a seemingly emaciated figure. At times, they can have blacker tints, often similar to that of their hated cousins: the drow. Their hair color varies between aging white or raven black.

Additional Information

Social Structure

To understand their social structure, you must understand their psyche. Historically, the sadarren were beaten and abused as slaves for the drow of the Underdark. Being liberated from that harsh place has made them susceptible to Salazar Kiver's twisted promises and fearmongering. They would become a core component of manpower for the Arkonian Order and would base their structure off of it. Some would say the sadarren have only mutilated origins, that what originality they had was taken and the only functioning structure they were familiar with was of slave and master.

Scared but free, sadarren communities are known to adopt the Arkonian structure for hierarchy and loathe the use of slaves. To them, it's a belief that by becoming the enemy, you are no better than the threat you fight.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Sadarren are mostly found within the Shadowfell inside The City of Grathenvok. Some can be found within the borders of old Precursor allies, such as the Pradeshi and gnoll packs. The rarest means of finding the sadarren are tiny pockets of communities hidden away within Florenelle, hoping to hide away from their heritage crime.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Being of elven heritage, the sadarren retain their ancestors' ability to see better in the dark. They are also known to have the slightly more heightened senses that were also inherited.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Elven Heritage

Because the sadarren are derived from the elves, naming typically involves elvish naming or that of Arkonian-cultured names.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Relic of the Past

Because of their origin in the Underdark and the absolute backbone they would become against the Coalition, many still speak Undercommon. The language used by those in the Underdark. Because of this reliance on Undercommon, the Arkonian Order would adopt the language as a core staple for the followers to speak.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Whether or not a community of sadarren are loyal to the Arkonian Order, they still utilize their social order. The reason for this is a result of the Order being the only source of a culture they can look up to.


Beginnings in Chains

The sadarren started out as an enslaved people to the drow. Technically, whoever was a slave would slowly transform into a decrepit, emaciated form of an elf. The working conditions they endured would deprive any person of their dignity and honor.

Liberation or Death

During the Underdark Campaign of the Necromantic War, the Arkonian Order was the only faction willing to liberate the sadarren from their drow leaders. The Coalition never intervened to liberate these slaves, as they worried about upsetting their drow allies. As a consequence, Salazar Kiver would turn these former slaves into fanatics for the Arkonian cause. They feared to return to the working camps and they would have a signature ferocity to them, not of swift death but to deliver painful strikes.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Detested Drow

To sadarren, their former slavers are scorned and detested greatly. Most of this hatred is spurred on by the Arkonian Order, as sadarren anti-slavery is a rallying cry to oppose the Feydom. Not only do their former masters seethe hatred within sadarren communities, but there is also a mild agitation with eladrin for their tolerance of this cruelty to go on.

It may seem that reconnecting the relations with drow and sadarren communities is impossible but there are chances that this outdated hatred is glossed over by the newer generations. Very rarely do these youngsters get to encounter the humanity within each other only to be punished by their community for seeing that it is possible to leave such problems in the past.

Mongrels to the Faene

Orrilius rejects the sadarren to be part of the Elvarid elven line. He believes that the sadarren are inbred and violent creatures from drow slave pits. Their service to Arkonia has only made them vengeful and full of hatred. The eladrin certainly hold these views as well with an iron grip, knowing the tales of horror from their drow cousins and dead grandparents. Though, they have never met a sadarren for the longest while and are more likely to be anxious than outright crude in behavior.

To the sadarren, they know of the Faene opinion on them. They often roll their eyes and silently take the insults and slurs. Salazar Kiver, on the other hand, often reminds sadarren of this disdain as a warning why the Arkonian Order is the only home they will ever have and one that can be used as a tool for vengeance.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
The Underdark
850 years
Average Height
Average Weight
125 lbs.
Geographic Distribution
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