City of Grathenvok

A mere stranger came to the city with a wicker basket of bread and wine. He would soon be found murdered and the culprit ravenously devouring the food with his mouth stained from wine. A wasted life just for a taste of luxury.
— Count Constantine


The table below is about which of the Arkonian sects the residents often align with. Arkonian implies that the resident is a general believer and does not align with the sects. Crovenites are those who align with Count Constantine, Impure are those who align with Salazar Kiver, Nashikh are those who align with Mother Maratha, and the Sar’Remor are those who align with Sar'Ganockt.

Arkonian Sect Percentage (1d100)
Arkonian 30% (1-30)
Crovenite 25% (31-55)
Impure 10% (56-65)
Nashikh 15% (66-80)
Sar’Remor 20% (81-100)


The city is governed by the Arkonian Order as a whole. Overseers help manage the four districts in the town but Dreadlords, unless Arkengrath is present, can override and instill orders as they see fit.


Outside the city's borders is a twisted forest that is plagued by sar'drekt. Cruel beasts that maim and maul those outside the city walls.

Hungrist are also a common sight as they hover around the town. Usually, they swoop and strike at unrecognized creatures. The only thing holding them back are the word of officials. One command, and a horde of these creatures will attack.

Industry & Trade

Smuggling Otherworldly Goods

Because of the Coalition's exiling terms, Arkonians here are left with muck and creating bitter tree twigs with paste as a crude form of sauce. Those who do sneak their way into Florenelle for as something as delectable as a cake, easily win their neighbor's love and affection. Assuming they're not caught by the Coalition, of course.

Guilds and Factions


Crovenites are those that are tied to Count Constantine or those governed from Castle Croven itself. Followers of this sect usually are not fond of the nasty features that some necromancy magic causes and seek alternative ways such as Dracul Vampirism. They are also known for their beasts and monster taming.


The Impure are Salazar Kiver’s sect in the Order. Their members believe that necromancy is a must to restore whatever years were taken from an individual. They are the most secretive, as they are granted permission from Sar'Ganockt to act as secret police due to their Dreadlord’s ways of espionage.


The Nashikh are followers of Mother Maratha. To them, necromancy allows one to commune with the dead and gain insights from their knowledge or even their aid. They entertain the city by seances and ease the grief of loss for some.

Red Ghouls

Not every Arkonian is loyal to the Order. A few believe that this cruel Order is the cause for every Vokkian’s blight. The Red Ghouls were formed out of this factor. Because they are known for aiding the Coalition against Arkonia, they are heavily sought out by the Impure.


The Sar’Remor are followers of Sar'Ganockt. Cruel warriors and brutes that love necromancy for “the hunt” to never end. Bounty hunters, mercenaries, and other similar skills are what they provide to the city.


Ever since the end of the Necromantic War, what remains of Arkonia's followers have been banished to the Shadowfell. The Sadarren have loathed this punishment especially. Under the guidance of their dreadlords, and needing some form of civilization, the Arkonians developed Grathenvok City.

Most of the hardships the people faced were from the undead pretenders that harass the lands along with roaming sar’drekts. Despite all of this, the city went on to thrive contrary to Coalition belief. The old allies expected them to be drowned in the despair and misery of the Shadowfell. Instead, the Arkonians reluctantly thrived in an unforgiving place and still hold a bitter grudge against the Coalition.

Natural Resources

Thanks to the Shadowfell's gloom, there is a particular ore that, when weaponized, can cause extra necrotic damage. This material is known as fell, and is found within the earth.

Thankfully, the Shadowfell isn't a constant doom and gloom. Trees that grow here are purely a dark wood color. It's as if the atmosphere of this dreary place feeds into it. Though, when this sort of tree's wood is burned, it burns a green flame.

Founding Date
36th of Early Vibrant, 0 RE
Alternative Name(s)
The Exiled City
Large city
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