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High Elf (all-tall-en)

Setting Other Name Meaning
Faunerro Aetheriin Haven Kin
Florenelle Altallen Altered Elf

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

In Faunerro

The aetheriin take part in the Kingdom of Ardentry. Their dedicated province is Haliah. There, the aetheriin are blessed of Renaki, a cael part of the Reverie. The aetheriin were chosen for their long lifespans and pursuit of intricate arts and practices.

In Florenelle

Typically, altallen are found as natively born to whatever region they hail from, such as part of the Faene in Regalia or a Trinian in the capital of Herrington. Otherwise, they would come from some of these fortress states.

Beldorune. Beldorune is located in Thracallia, particularly in the middle section of the continent. They are helpful with their fellow cousins but often keep themselves shutout from any others. Master Polaric is cautious about needlessly entangling his people into trouble.

Goventeel. This sequestered city is on the Continent of Calvora at the bottom of the eastern mountains around the central parts. The Goventeeli, similar to Regalia’s circumstance, are tugged and pulled to join the Colonial War for either side. As a compromise, Master Enfalstiir allows for any volunteering mercenary companies to be enlisted.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Elvish is the most spoken language of the high elves in all Florenic Worlds. Otherwise, they defer to the language part of their place of birth.

Common Taboos

Loving any other race is a very risky move. Many high elves become saddened by the short lives other races live. The constant heartbreaks with such a long lifespan are what forever haunt them in every relationship. That is why most will stick with their own kind if possible in dating. When an elf and human pair, many within the elven communities pity the relationship, dreading the time when their companion expires first, leaving their lover with a lifetime of grief.


In Florenelle

Before the Necromantic War, Florenelle and its possibilities have always piqued the curiosity of some Eladrin circles. Very few elven kind ever stepped out into Florenelle, particularly because they enjoyed the beauty of their native home, and coming back would require sincere effort in returning as portals and gateways are the only way back.

Those eladrin that did go out into Florenelle founded their own new and small communities across the realm. With pockets in many continents and slowly coalescing into major settlements, everything was going splendidly. An odd phenomena then happened never yet seen with elves. Their tones, pigments, and even innate nature shifted with their environment. Thus they were called altallen, which is Sylvan for changed elf.

Before and during the Necromantic War, the Empire of Coatala would have their way with communities in Prageria, Yanping, Thracallia, and a bit of Oceania. Their enslavement led to mass dispersement but the end of the War and the fall of Coatala would mean some altallen would seek out to rebuild their fallen communities in the Restored Age.

To this day, some altallen mix and mingle with humans and dwarves in Calvora and the same with their eladrin cousins in Thracallia. Though, some have formed fortress cities out of the remnants of what was taken from them or made newly constructed ones instead.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

In Faunerro

The aetheriin are welcoming and are keen to forgive petty and mild mistakes among others. Though, because many of the oldest elves were around before the infamous Incursion, they are considered the purest in heart as the younger generations are akin to the other races with their awakened sense of selfishness. So, it is only natural that the elves are uneasy with the corrupted races (Roden, inferiin, orcs, dragons, and undead).

In Florenelle

Altallen within fortress states have the highest tolerance for other races compared to their kindred. The echoes of their Coatalan oppressors scar them on the mistreatment their grandparents endured.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
750 years
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking

Altallen have less colorful tones to their skin. Instead, it's tied closely to human pigmentation.

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