The Colonial War

A bitter conflict that may never end

A war between the Calvoran powers of Trinidad and the Triumvirate alliance. Occasionally, the war dips in turbulent campaigns or spaces out into "phony wars" because of the lack of fighting.

The War is Revitalized

In 1792, Salomon Bastiogne II, the son of the former Emperor who was slain the Valencian Revolution, believed Valencia was humiliated and downtrodden. To be a puppet of its greatest rival was an even greater insult. Not only would Bastiogne II lead a coup against the unpopular Maurad government, but he would also crown himself as Emperor. He would then restore the Triumvirate to reclaim both dignity and honor. The ferocity the Trinians would meet on the battlefields would become a vicious reprisal.

Theaters of the War


The fighting of the war is focused on the border town between the two belligerents. Lorian is a vicious and bloody sight to behold for any veteran who's witnessed any sort of gruesome fighting.


A fairly contested region, the Madrian and Trinian navies compete more commonly in this region. The dominance of the sea in this region determines the success of a battle on land.


The Calvorans are cautious when engaging amongst their foes' colonies in Elven regions. The Calvorans know that an alliance with the Feydom will have a significant advantage in the continent.

Historical Significance

In Literature

I once knew a Man from Lorian is a literary work about the horrifying accounts that come from the stagnant fighting in Lorian.
State of the Conflict
Conflict Type
Start Date



A vast army that can overwhelm one Triumvirate nation with ease. It can mobilize quicker compared to coordinating with three other nations.
The combined Empires of Valencia, Madria, and Venezia. They can mobilize smaller armies that can outmaneuver a large and bulky force.


Estimated 53,000 Trinians
Estimated 17,000 Valencians, 9,000 Madrians, and 12,000 Venezians


Unite the Europan powers and claim dominance in the colonial trade.
Keep the nations of Europa united and maintain dominance in the colonial trade.

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