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Continent of Calvora

Home to Trinidad and the Triumvirate

You step onto a land of kings and queens. Countless nobility have risen and fallen who now forever rest on this continent. Compared to Thracallia, Calvora is a place of conquests and prosperity should a monarch rule correctly. If not, then tyranny and destitution is a certainty for their people. That is why the Calvorans circle themselves around rulers who are protective and honorable heroes as they do not think as pompous nobility do.

Arthur Dwindle to Faene elders.


Feudal Beginnings

Before the Necromantic War, Calvora was dominated by powerful monarchies. These rulers were constantly thwarted at gaining further power than they needed because of a strange secret society called the Stellaic Circle. Underneath many structures or within grand buildings are secret passageways or meeting spots built into them. This is mainly how those crafty occultists managed to flee from the authorities.

Necrowar Era

By the time of the Necromantic War, that is when various powers began to split and regroup into those who align with the Arkonian Order and those who sided with the Coalition. The horrors of what necromancy could do were not as potent as they could have been because Arkonia didn’t provide as much teaching compared to the other theaters they fought in.

Thankfully, the Arkonians were repelled by the news of Arkengrath’s defeat. The infighting to prove themselves as the next Overlord did not help their cause in the slightest.

Restoration Era

While rebuilding from the Necromantic War, the Calvorans would receive aid from Saint Gregory. This aasimar was a war hero from the Necromantic War and these services only helped to cement him as the loving guardian of the Calvorans. Thus, the Gregorian Church was founded as a source to spread further hope and restoration.

Only 12 years after the war, the Calvorans went back into their old habits. What kingdoms remained or were formed got the itch to resume the formations and disassembly of various treaties. To this day, the major powers are of the Kingdom of Trinidad and the Triumvirate powers.

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