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Vindicate Church

They had slain the guards, survived the traps, and busted through the baron's doors with ease. Their armor still gleamed and weapons sharp as ever. The baron could only fumble around to find his own escape but it was so redundant in the end. There was no escaping the Knights of Vindictis.

— A cardinal telling other members of the Knights of Vindictis


Vindictis likes to keep his hierarchy sitting on daggers with those above and below each other. It is up to both him and his followers to discern if a Vindicate is no longer fit for their position. This often comes from either old age, neglect of their vows, or corruption.


The pontiff is chosen by Vindictis to oversee the church’s wellbeing as a whole. Their task is to relay the Guardian's orders to the cardinals and make decrees on any matters that have not been specified by him either.


A cardinal is appointed as a regional figurehead by the pontiff. Their task is to ensure the wellbeing of their appointed region. Any signs of significant corruption, crime, and any other foul matters that civilians cannot handle alone, it is up to the cardinal to decree if it warrants the attention and resources to purge the problem.


A matriarch or patriarch are appointed by the cardinal. They are tasked with managing their town, city, or village's followers.


The iudex, chosen by the cardinal, handles any disputes and finalizes rulings for members within their church.


Acolytes are the sworn members who vow the Guardian's Oath. They stand out from regular members because of their higher dedication to uphold Vindicate beliefs.

Divine Origins

The celestial spirits in Haven were known as recluses during the Necromantic War. Such divine beings never liked Florenelle for its inhabitants going down such selfish and narcissistic paths. That war became the perfect reason to never set foot there ever again.

Silus Gregory, a descendent of celestials, believed differently. He tried warning them all about the dangers of a cosmic-wide Arkonian takeover. So many words fell on deaf ears except a few. Among the ranks of Haven’s defenders, few were horrified of the idea that Haven may very well be the last bastion of tranquility. Behemin, an equivalent to a sergeant of the guard, feared that Arkonia would wipe away the celestial homeland to ensure necromancy would never endure another challenger.

Behemin became the core leader in rallying the spirits, angels, and other divine forces to join him and Silus in fighting Arkonia. The longer the war went on, the more recruits from Haven that joined their armies. News of Arkengrath’s exploits during the campaigns only stoked more fuel into fighting the war. And still, only a quarter of what Haven’s power had to offer went on to see necromancy’s founder be defeated at Vrexen. Behemin would forever be outraged by such cowardice and complacency.

Early in the Restoration Era, Behemin would forever be embittered by his people’s inaction. With his new found brother in arms, he and Silus would go about Florenelle and watch over rebuilding communities. The only complication would be the approach both of them would take. Silus always favored peaceful and pacifist resolutions. Behemin believed any injustice or misdeeds should be met and dealt with harshly to ensure it ends.

This rivalry between the two of them built and quickly when they went their separate ways. In Calvora especially, many early kingdoms that warred with each other were often influenced to fight between Silus or Behemin as examples of their new found feud.

Behemin, learning philosophies and teachings overtime, changed his name to Vindictis to better reflect his stern yet protective approach to things.

Tenets of Faith

  • If you cannot defend yourself, you cannot defend others.
  • Only show mercy until your enemy admits defeat.
  • Extinguish the flames of burdens before they rage like fire.
  • Protect those you hold dear.
  • Never forget those who wronged you.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The Knights of Vindictis have a tighter grip on the Triumvirate countries compared to the Kingdom of Trinidad as a broad demographic. Though, among soldiers and generals, Vindictis is considered a patron saint of war for help.


The Gregorian Church is considered a rival religion despite branching from it. They both don't hate each other with a burning passion as they're willing to cooperate against an evil foe. It's a battle of beliefs between the two and that both will lead the other down the wrong path. They both, however, share the same core beliefs but with different interpretations of it.

Our swords extinguish the fire of our enemies

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