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Cardinal Octavian Couteau (Coo-toe)

Darklord of Divinterre

Cardinal Octavian Antoine Couteau

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Cardinal Couteau took over the modest town of Divinterre. He took his role very seriously as a member of the Vindicate faith. So seriously, he deemed himself better than the divines at judgement as some points. The Divinters were loyal to him and that was all that mattered to him. Such thrill of having power over others was a sign of his horrible deeds to come.

All was fine until the Venezian refugees from the north came in seeking refuge. At first he was skeptical of their intentions but gave in to see what good followers they could become for him. He allowed Corierro to even be captain of the guard at one point as a show of integration.

Problems for Couteau began when the Venezians were becoming more popular than he was. Corierro’s sincere heart won over the crowd more than the Cardinal’s fearmongering of what judgement was to come. Something had to be done.

He turned the Divinters against the Venezians. He talked about how their libertine lifestyle was detrimental to a faithful spirit. In due time, Couteau, his loyal clergy, and soldiers chased off the Venezians in a violent and bloody massacre. Many believe that those mystical Venezians cursed the Divinters for why the mists trapped them here and why a headless rider comes to harass them all.

Show spoiler

Along this time of proselytizing, he met Mirella Cavallo. This Venezian woman became the one who would show Couteau what her people’s lives are like. Though at one point he thought about fancying her, she noticed how controlling he was over his people, particularly how vicious he is to the Venezians.

At one point he cared about Mirella until she deeply humiliated him at the Bloodwater Theater with her fellow Venezians. It would be after the show that she would rub it in his face and he would murder her afterwards. Not only would he seek to kick out the Venezians but also torture and intimidate to find them further. A dark power even subtly convinced Couteau to become more self-righteous and cruel in his approach...

As the darkness in him burned more, the lands became festered along the town. Countless times he has sent others and many do not return despite being capable himself. The catacombs are entirely built from the remains of those he threw countless people at to resolve such problems.

There would come Couteau’s final encounter at Riverguard Bridge in hopes of removing the last of the Venezians. Corriero stayed for a last stand and nearly took out Couteau but was assailed by the town guards. He sought mercy but Couteau sealed his pact by beheading him.

Expecting victory, Corriero instead forever returns as a headless rider that forever haunts the Cardinal until his revenge is sought. Only then can the cursed lands be free.


Octavian Couteau learned primarily from Silverran seminaries. He’s studied among the other sects and has found he prefers being with the Vindicate Church as he was raised in it and prefers their beliefs.


Religious Views

Being of Florenelle, Octavian believes that the Vindicate Church is the only means of bettering the world. To him, evil only prevails if good stands idly by. The wicked must be stopped at all costs if life is to be any better.


Couteau has an authoritative tone. His Valencian (French) accent is mild. He also is irritable of others regardless if they have rightfully peeved him or not.

Lawful Evil
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Cardinal of the Vindicate Church Leader over the Town of Divinterre
Current Residence
Notre Majeste
Sunny Yellow
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
182 lbs.
Quotes & Catchphrases
I am on a crusade against sin!
— Cardinal Couteau
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations

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