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Stellaic Circle

Look to the stars! They will guide us!

— Seer of the Stars


Seer of the Stars

The Seer is expected to be an expert and memorized what the stars mean. The role usually means leading ceremonies and conducting them in an orderly fashion.

Sign Scribers

This special group focuses on gathering as much intel as needed to determine the meaning behind a star sign when one appears.


Orbiters are common followers, often tasked by the Scribers and Seer to rule out whether to remedy or aid what a star sign entails.


Because the risk of misinterpretation is a possibility with vague signs like stars in the sky, Stellaists are very careful on announcing these symbols. They like to keep their observatories hidden and can be found within Calvoran architecture. Solving their cleverly integrated puzzles means you have their trust to enter their domains, as they only want intelligent minds probing in their activities.

To know if you have encountered one of these possible puzzles, look for cleverly made artwork or star signs integrated into stonework. From there, look for a theme behind the answer. Whether it being pushing buttons in the order of a Silverran patron saint’s entry in the Sanctity or the alphabetical order of Archdevils in the Infernal Clan, once you find the theme, you’re already close to solving it.


The Stellaic Circle first started as a club for watching the stars above early in the Restoration Era. It was founded by Teril Mundud, a man fascinated with the potential of the stars. But as he and his stargazers continued observing the patterns and formations above, a pattern formed. Normally, stars show when they should on a scheduled basis like the planet making a complete orbit each year. What happened is that pattern of stars began to form during events.

Teril and his close circle of friends took it upon themselves to write down each symbol and the events associated with it. As those patterns emerged, they knew what to do. The first experiment was with the heart sign, a symbol of life prospering. What Teril and his friends did was coordinate with farmers to plant every seed they could. Sure enough by Early Hollow, entire fields had bountiful harvests. Thus, Teril formed the Stellaic Circle, a religious group dedicated to worshiping whoever it is sending these star signs.

We work with the stars

Religious, Druidic Circle

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