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Sitting atop his throne that overlooks his hedonistic city, sits Vildramus. This unquestioned genius has always beaten attempted usurpers every time. Those who dare oppose him have always met with violent ends. This King of Hedonism wants it clear that he will stay where he sits and will respect those who give him aid.


Beneath Vildramus are the archdevils. These are chosen fiends that Vildramus trusts the most that look over their own outfits and operations in Florenelle. They also have their own district within Degredation but sometimes street fights break out in order to gain more turf in the city. Archfiends are often embodiments of the worst humankind has to offer, such as pride and addiction, as it has become their specialty.

Archdevil Vice
Fabulus Envy
Saint Lorenzo Lies
Osteore Apathy
Proclivia Addiction
Segnivid Sloth
Tirritus Pride


Because Archdevils get flooded in paperwork, they need someone who can help run safe houses and keep members safe from law enforcement. An underboss is tasked with aiding their Archdevil in their outfits, often being a "mini-boss"


As both the trusted guardian and muscle of their assigned underboss, enforcers act out the wishes of their boss. They are chosen for their superior performance in their job.


The regulars of the Clan. These are members who have helped uphold previous contracts and other sorts of dealings, whether if they went violent or not. Entry into this position requires completing a few contracts and killing an innocent or someone you love to prove loyalty to the Clan.


These members either have an interest in joining the Clan but have yet to prove themselves or if they are too cowardly to take part. Regardless, they are often the informants or rookies for assignments.

Public Agenda

The agenda of the Clan is to provide services so individuals no longer feel weak and powerless. A deal with the Clan is a path to power, should you be able to pay up the price...


A Fiendish Alliance

The origin of demons has always baffled Vildramus and other scholars such as the Doctrine Society. They too were found in Inferna and have little patience for rules and structure compared to the Infernal Clan. Despite the fighting between them during the late Age of Restoration period, Vildramus saw an opportunity. Demons could be utilized as debt collectors or agents to tear down opposition to Clan operations. Vildramus wants fear to keep people from snooping in and the brutal yet messy way they kill opposition is exactly what he wants. The demons have fun spreading chaos on people while the Clan has their enemies brutally ripped apart. It's the perfect fiendish deal.


The Infernal Clan has always been around. Not even Vildramus is the founder of the Clan either. He actually descends from a few other crafty Kings of Hedonism. The Necromantic War tattered the Clan's history because of their ways. The Arkonian Order nor the Coalition took kindly to their two-faced approach in the war. At the time, it would suggest that Inferna's flame was extinguished.

Though, where there's a spark, there's still the chance for a greater fire. Inferna slowly rose up from the ashes, resorting to favors for the time being. Vildramus' father appointed his son to take up the Clan, as he believed it was over. Vildramus thought differently, for he had the patience and cunning above any conniving devil. It's that key trait that has ensured his success in himself and with the Clan.


The core of the Clan's belief is that power means authority but it can't be wielded effectively without guarantee. That is why contracts are a common necessity to ensure the one in charge will grant payment as promised else the wrath of Vildramus will come crashing down upon them.

The morality of these deceptive fiends is that nothing should be off-limits. If they restrained themselves and became picky about their targets, they wouldn't be as successful. After all, a sniffling sob is more easily persuaded than a healthy and productive member of society. The idea is that having limits will restrict the means to achieve the end. After all, the mighty fall with carefully planned pricks rather than sloppily throwing it all away.


The most iconic thing about the Clan is their contracts. The most successful of the Clan often size up who it is they are trying to make a deal with and whether there is a chance of failure to pay up. Here are the terms for aspiring devils to abide by:

  • Try not to deal with major powers. The Clan's approval by them is low enough.
  • Tedious and minor contracts with mortals are wasteful. Only draft one where there is a higher chance of a favorable outcome.
  • A contract is rendered as discontinued if the devil that assigned it, or the signer, is dead.

Here are strategies that the Clan uses to sway acquiring contracts and common loopholes within them:

  • Avoid setting an exact deadline for collecting payment so you can more likely cash in on the victim's soul when they least expect your arrival.
  • If you can, attempt leaving behind the phrase, "In the event the signer of this deal perishes, their soul is to be collected by (you, the maker of the deal)."

“Another deal, another soul.”
— Common phrase among devils in Inferna

Illicit, Syndicate
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