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The Realm of Enmity

A question always droned in my head like the gnashing of imp teeth. It’s a harsh question every mortal would have to confront eventually. The running and adventuring could not blot out the skeletons lurking in my closet. It would be here that I finally face the question, “Was I born evil or was what I had done made me evil?”

Planar Details


Hatred and bitterness is everpresent within this realm. Everything, even the most trivial aspects, can incite anger out of someone. It is a place where selfishness thrives and the vices of those both mundane and demonic go unchecked. It’s the perceived intrusion onto the other that incites the most violent conflicts.

Aspects Inferna

Too Much or Never Enough

It is insulting to try and obtain any sort of joy in this realm. What should feel plentiful with the quality always feels like there could be more to it. What should be a hot tea falls short and instead tastes warm and with a shadow of its flavoring.

Alternatively, there is a plentiful amount of something you desire. Of course, a madness occurs where you cannot afford another to grab hold of this surplus. It is yours, after all, and why should anyone else feel entitled to having what rightfully belongs to you?



For Florenic terminology, demon is a broad term for sentient creatures or spirits that come from Inferna. Here are some of the most common creatures that come from this wicked place.


The most chaotic among demons, carnalids embody the wrath and hatred of Inferna. The only consistent shape they have are of what form of torment they inflict or what master they serve under. They are sentient creatures but their lust for chaos and destruction is the key defining quality of carnalids.


Known for wicked horns, wings, and tails, devils are a common sight in Inferna. Their cunning and intelligence are rivaled with vicians, which they share the same core appearance. What quickly identifies a devil is their love for setting terms and conditions to get what they want. Some like to argue these creatures were the ones to introduce the idea of contracts.


The type of wildlife one encounters within Inferna is no different than that of the material world’s. Though, the key difference is that such creatures are greatly demonic in nature and appearance. Hellhounds are a great example of what one could find in such a wretched place.


Vicians are like their devil cousins in their basic appearance with dark leather skin, wings, and tail. They are manipulative creatures. Where devils will contest your wit, vicians manipulate your emotions. Once you find yourself in a dismal predicament, a vician will often swoop in and try corrupting you into a monster of its own design.

Planar Influence

Here are the signs to look for when determining if Elvarid is the influencing realm.

Creature Alterations

Tieflings are one such obvious example with their appearance. The horns, the eyes, and skin discolorations all suggest some form of hellish bloodline. Besides appearance, aggression and being territorial is the easiest sign of behavioral change.

Regional Alterations

Infernal influence is the sneakiest of the negative-aligned planes. The best example is how a content settlement of humanoids eventually devolves into street-fighting and gang wars as daily life becomes unsafe.

In the case of heavy Infernal influence, there is a sense of heat in the air but not an uncomfortable feeling. Things begin to look intimidating as round decorations become pointed or hooked. Trees begin to grow thorns, even. The ground feels dry yet it supports life as usual.

Spellcasting Alterations

Spells are known for being twisted to be fiery or painful when used for harming someone. A charm spell has a sense of carnal demand than one of hospitality. Should one be blessed by a demon, they may inflict the infamous Infernal Wound.

The Capital of Evil

Inferna is not only the home of the Infernal Clan but also all that is evil and malevolent. Demons that lurk deep within this wretched realm also await to release their unrelenting wrath.

The notorious city of Degradation is always buzzing with the vices of life. Gambling, narcotics, and all sorts of activities that would give your Gregorian pastor a heart attack once his innocent eyes lay upon the degeneracy of this place. Gangs of devils and outcasted tieflings run amuck in their street wars for territory and power. Of course, these devils would never be so foolish to even dare contest Vildramus or his son, else the entirety of this hell would come and bring wrath upon the perpetrators.



Much of the upper area of Inferna is urbanized due to the vast city of Degradation. While it also encompasses red rocks, fires made here can burn for eternity that make torture too easy for the devils that inhabit this place.


These unexplored wastes lie deep beneath Degradation. Not even the devils dare to explore the land that lies closer to the heart of this cruel realm. Violent demons lurk here and there is no doubt their malevolence shaped the area.


From what knowledge scholars have received after committing to countless deals with devils, the origins of Inferna begin with a past even archdevils try to hideaway. This wretched plane was discovered by Vildramus' father, Hedon after he had turned against his celestial brothers. The countless regions were full of lava, rocks, and the cries of souls Tabith had lost from Etherius. The demons were here first and after a quick yet violent scuffle, a truce was made to allow for both sides to benefit from each other. It was because of this war that devils always loathe the question: where do demons come from?

With a heart of scorn and bitterness, Hedon took up the role of the depraved founder of the Infernal Clan. The lost souls within Inferna would be devoured by him and grant him the strength to be the unquestioned ruler of his new hierarchy of fiends. His strength would swiftly be tested during the Necromantic War, as he had hoped to play both sides. However, such two-faced treachery would cause both the Arkonian Order and the Coalition to purge these fiends for these radical times meant that any allegiance to the opposition meant death.

In the aftermath, Vildramus took over as his father decided to retire away from all of the scams and vile deeds. Such a defeat had broken his already ruining spirit. Vildramus, being purer with fiendish blood, took over Inferna and overhauled it for the better (at least in the Clan's terms). These lands roiling with lakes of lava and countless mountains would swiftly be urbanized to mimic the cities within Florenelle. Vildramus wanted it to be a little more "homely" for his followers when they choose to serve the Clan.

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