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The Realm of Entropy

The skies of the Fell were a constant gray with subtle hints of green. Though, the deeper we went beyond that map, it would change actually. First to go was the green hue so there was always the constant sullen gray surrounding us. Then when we reached an area beyond a mountain range, it became black. My expedition then came across a particular cluster of four towering outcrops that glistened with a greenish-blue light from the center.

One of the scholars casted a spell for detecting magic. His hand shook and trembled the longer he held it and eventually had a panic attack. Our cleric had to bring sense back into him from the shouting of doom and gloom nonsense. What arcane energy he had detected was far from the common and familiar matter. This material registered as void. Not in the sense that there was no energy to be detected, it was something that brought destructive energy that undoes the way of life, sort of void.

— Earnest Varley when stepping into the Null with an expedition.


The Null is a gloomy realm smothered in darkness. It is a land doomed to an eternal night without stars to guide the way. The only means of guidance are the occasional small floating islands that dot around the area if light is pointed towards them. The purpose of these floating islands has yet to be known but what few scholars have been here believe them to be perches for the alphas of the dark creatures that lurk here or watchtowers of the entity that lives here.

The terrain is rocky and slightly jagged. A fairly common sight within the Null are cavities in the ground. No living creature has been recorded of entering and leaving those alive but it is worth noting that there are malignant entities down there.

Fauna & Flora


Towering overhead are these tall humanoid creatures. Their long legs allow them to stride faster to their intended target, destroying them with a mere touch. Such loss of life is then absorbed by these things as they march back to where they came, often down into the cavities. The Nameless Host is known to use these creatures as the equivalent of guard dogs.


One of the few creatures recorded here are called scathers. Umbral bat-like creatures with translucent wings and claws along its arms. Those who have fought these creatures with short blades often succumb to their leeching, destructive presence. They are known to perch atop the floating islands, watching from above. It is unknown if they are obedient to the Nameless host.


The Arkonian Order is the first to take note of this dreadful realm. Tesk Arkinith Vordt suggests that Arkengrath first learned about undeath and clues to restore life to its original state. Of course, the core of necromancy’s harsher spells were refined by what Arkengrath witnessed here.

To this day, Arkonian scholars still wonder what it was that Arkengrath encountered within the Null. The Tamer of Death never was clear about it, only cryptic phrases.

The living are not meant to be there.

Death has no value to them for they only prey on life.

Promises, it will make, only to see others never made.

Be warned, the Nameless Host does not stay in its sanctum.

— Arkengrath from Tesk Arkinith Vordt
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