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Astral Plane

The Oldest Known Realm in the Cosmos

I could clean up this realm but how it is the same with how you creations keep your antiques and memoirs, I could not risk throwing away such history to be void. You may think a giant sculpture of a forgotten hero is irrelevant but I keep it here in this domain, for I have grown rather fond of it. I can understand why you would be irked since such a thing nearly ruined your skiff.
— Kordgelle to visitors on the astral plane


General Layout

So much space and yet so much debris. That is the gift and curse of the astral plane. The entire area is a grand silver, blue, and purple cosmic space. Debris from forgotten civilizations, constructs, and all sorts of grandiose oddities float aimlessly in these parts. Creatures don’t fall here, only float about gently. It is possible to fly about in this realm should such a creature either have a strong willpower to do so. They can also stand comfortably on a surface as if gravity was present.

Creatures will quickly notice that there is no temperature here. It’s only a relaxing and omnipresent cool breeze. The only way temperature could be influenced is from another source.

Viewable Cosmology

Another interesting aspect to the astral plane is that not only is it considered the space between other realms, you can also view that space between them. One cannot simply enter a realm by approaching the perceived space, however. It takes the likes of a portal, teleportation, or a shantak to get through. Creatures that do try to step through are simply repulsed back.

From Nyarlin’huth Tower, it is easy to see the grand cosmology that makes up the cosmos. Florenelle is without question in the center. Gathered from below are the elemental planes of Nimbus, Nautileus, Quarrona, and Volcraes. Above is the dream realm of Somnius connected by the Shadowfell and Elvarid while a pure orange and cyan cord streams down to Florenelle. On the sides are the polar opposite worlds of the Shadowfell and Elvarid. Clustering around Florenelle is a grey aura that follows the various attached streams known as Etherius. Then clustered around Florenelle are the other realms vying for influence such as Haven, Inferna, and more.

Fauna & Flora


Nightgaunts are a common sight within these lands. They are viewed more as dangerous lurkers at their worst while annoying pests at their best. They are known to ambush travelers and snatch away prey to wherever it is they nest.


Shantaks are elephant-sized creatures with massive wings. They look like feathered wyverns with the head shaped as a horse. These creatures are popular mounts by the gelvantu to get around the astral plane. Because of how costly it is to domesticate, raise, and train a shantak, the gelvantu also have a hard time parting ways with these creatures.


The astral plane’s history is a long and forgotten one, as the only sentient inhabitants that frequent here are Kordgelle, his floating city of Kithalfithus, the gelvantu, and aberrant creatures.

Flying in the Astral Plane

It is possible for a creature without natural flight to control how they hover in the realm but it takes a strong will power to move forward. A creature must succeed on a DC 18 Charisma check to be able to control their hovering for half of their movement for 1 minute.

— Floating in the astral plane for 5th Edition
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