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The Gathering



The core of the Gathering, they manage to find weak points in their prison and subtlely begin a leak to reduce suspicion. They seek and command Harvesters to free them.


Made up of those sane enough or enthralled by their patron of choice, Harvesters tend to lead their own group of followers. Of course, they follow their patron's commands and bring it upon their congregation to follow as well.

Public Agenda

The Gathering wishes to find those who wish to aid their escape from the Entropic Void in return for powerful gifts. Of course, these powers grow in strength as further loyalty is proven.


These abominations received their name as Kordgelle gathered them up to be banished. Ever since, the name stuck. Most of their history revolves around finding means of escaping their prison or influencing Florenelle from afar to their liking.


When dealing with the Gathering, they have no requirements for how you live your life. Being picky will only shrink their potential candidates. All they request is that you live a quiet or simple life. It's especially helpful if you live in the countryside where nobody can interrupt you.


To praise a Gatherer requires having an idol in your chosen patron's image. That way, you can pray and have rituals to their name. It is also a test of loyalty to these sly and mysterious figures.

Granted Divine Powers

The most important part when meddling with these eldritch entities, is that a strong sanity is required. If not, the individual will be laying on the floor, stunned into insanity. That is why Gatherers take cautious steps into recruiting their assets outside of the Void.

Should a sane and willing subject submit themselves to an entity, they will be granted powers from their chosen Gatherer. So long as they stay in servitude and avoid the Kithalsis Court, they can still retain this unnatural power.

The Void is only a setback.

Secret, Occult
Controlled Territories

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