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Entropic Void

Prison for the Gathering


Within the Averse, Kordgelle explains that it is a nightmarish realm for mortal sanity. Only those gifted and trusted by the One in Yellow can they hope to glimpse inside. Reportedly, it can vary wildly depending on which section you come across. Though mainly, the entryway Kordgelle advises to use, has a starry night atmosphere but the silhouettes of tendrils and maws occasionally hover over the small orbs in the distance. Sometimes those orbs are gawking beasts or lights for lesser lingering creatures.


In need of some form of “prison” to banish the Gathering, Kordgelle made a slit within the Averse to hide away the abominations. By combining the innate destructive power of the Null and the overpowering radiance of Paradise, the Entropic Void is carefully designed to continually whittle the power-hungry creatures that lurk inside.

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