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Averse (a-vers)

The Realm of Distortion

Through mortal means, this is impossible.

But with the Averse, all things are possible.

— Edwin and Ellen Thomter

Planar Details


Nothing is as it seems here yet everything can seem as it is there. Nothing is permanent in the Averse yet something can be. Many like to theorize that the Averse is a living realm with how frequently things can change as it sees fit or some things are sudden as things react to a creature’s presence. The Averse is a testament to how it bends the rules in the cosmos. Everything can change and whenever Aversal powers deem so.

Aspects of the Averse

Distorting and Warping

In the Averse, anything goes depending on which area one enters, assuming it stays the same by your second visit. The longer one lingers there, the more likely that those of weaker willpower will have their bodies or mind slowly change. A limb could be made bigger with claws or whittled down into a stump. Should one call on the Averse’s power, anything can change!



Imprisoned away deep in the Averse is a prison called the Entropic Void. Here, foul and powerful aberrant creatures called Gatherers are locked away here. Despite their restrictions, they still reach out to mortals and bargain powers for their freedom.


Nightgaunts are strange oddities with skin as black as night. They have wings, a tail, and horns, but no face. To an outsider, they simply look like a faceless devil with their blank maw with no eyes, nose or mouth. Cat-like in their stance, they are known for abducting people from their homes during the night. Their purpose? It could be to turn the poor sod into paste or to serve their master’s greater scheme.


On the surface of this maddening domain where it is survivable for meager mortals lies the Writhing Fields. Here, it’s as if the terrain is living as occasional pockets earth bulge and sink back down as if taking a breath. It is also important to beware the floating debris that shift forms with each day. Sometimes they are merely blotches of ink and the next day becomes a solid and jagged black boulder.

Venturing deeper into the Averse is to find madness. Unnatural shapes, sentience within glowing structures, loose limbs that reach out for that which is not seen, and other inconsistent oddities that many should be spared from. It’s at the darkest reaches of this realm that lies the Entropic Void. A destructive and hostile prison designed to keep the Gathering weakened so that any escape is made far more difficult.

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Far Realm, Plane of Chaos
Dimensional plane
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