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Degradation City

If red was the symbol of evil then consider the entire city a cesspit full of it. All over those buildings and even the pavement, are painted red. All a reflection of the blood on their hands for selfish gain. If souls are what they desire most of all, then I pray my florens are not in shortage.

— Shiv, Infernal Clan Associate


Vildramus owns and operates the city entirely through his archfiends. These archfiends have vast districts within the city to operate in. The problem is that Vildramus never grants territory. Those who own turf is purely based on muscle and who can hold their own ground. So theoretically, one can promote themselves into being an archfiend should they own an entire district and gain Vildramus’ approval. As a result of all of this, Degradation has been expanding slowly over the years.

Industry & Trade

Pleasian Dust

A special, yet addictive, powder is pleasian dust. It is a compound that can be used medicinally to ease pain and cause a sense of euphoria in the consumer. Fiends love providing this stuff to addicts to claim their souls when their addiction has reached into an intense craving.

Points of interest

Degradation is a hedonist’s paradise. Whatever comforts and pleasures you could desire can be found here. That is, of course, you can look past the gang violence that regularly occurs.

Hedon Tower

Should you coming looking for Vildramus, Hedon Tower is where you will find him. Located in the center of the city, reaching the leader of the Infernal Clan will be far from easy. You’ll need to get past his son, Tirritus, who operates the district. Not only that, but also some of the finest bodyguards and protection florens have ever been spent on. Security is rather tight.

Hellbent Theater

Those looking for a place of shows and performances come to the Hellbent Theater. It’s here that many fiends come to look on at eye candy singers or have fun in general. If you’re expecting any literary shows, or at least have them portrayed accurately, disappoint is a certain guarantee. Entertainment is the goal.

Lone Brimstone Inn

Should one need a safe place to stay, the Lone Brimstone has you covered. The trouble is that if you want a guarantee that danger will not come to you, the price is going to be hefty. Otherwise, standard rooms are widely available regardless.

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