Kordgelle (core-jell)

The One in the Yellow Wraps

Kordgelle (a.k.a. The One in the Yellow Wraps)

When I gazed upon those wraps covering his face, I could sense the ages past of countless mourning yet unbounded celebrations. His towering presence leaned down closer to my face, stopping only inches from my quivering expression. In a snap, I awoke in the Thracallian forest, outside the edges of Regalia. What happened? What did that yellow cretin want? That stare, something tells me, could have been worse if he uncovered his bandaged mask.
— A documented encounter with Kordgelle

Divine Domains

For Clerics:

Arcana, Knowledge, Trickery

For Warlocks

Great Old One

Holy Books & Codes

The Entropivoidia

Almut Nuam, a Pradeshi man, would suddenly get nightmarish visions of faceless entities with leathery wings and many more unspeakable horrors. He would write what he saw into a book, hoping to get answers about his nightmares. He would seek out Mother Maratha, the Arkonian Seer if she could use her scrying to locate one of these beasts.

She accepted the request and tried to locate Kordgelle. Her orb and mind would be numbed, for not even she was ready to see what unfathomable things she would see. It only confirmed there were matters that go far beyond our understanding of life.

Almut Nuam, still to this day, seeks for answers about his visions. He hopes to one day meet Kordgelle for these answers.

Tenets of Faith

  • Information is a powerful tool. Never let go of it.
  • Morality is merely a justification for evil acts and unbounded kindness.
  • Where there is destruction by chaos, the law must reign it in.
  • Where the law is a tyrant, chaos must shake it.
  • Where good has left you starving, evil will give you something.
  • Where evil has brought agony, good must bring joy.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Retain the Gatherers and keep them locked up in the Entropic Void. Occasionally a leak will happen, as a purely escaped Gatherer will quickly catch his attention. In order to maximize their freedom, Gatherers have learned tricks to "leak" into the world and corrupt as they wish. Their goal is to attract others to do their bidding, which will eventually free the Gatherer.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Occasionally, small horn-like thorns protrude from the back of his head. These thorns often jut out from the wrappings, sometimes appearing as small, sharp antlers, at times. These only appear when he becomes agitated.

Special abilities

Mind Alteration

Ever forget something? A well known tactic this eldritch creator utilizes is mind alteration. He only reserves this power for when the Gathering causes disruptions and Kordgelle wishes to restore normalcy to the victims once again. Otherwise, he uses this trick to ensure that witnesses don't see things they shouldn't.

Apparel & Accessories

Kordgelle's signature fashion is his yellow wrappings and robe that he wears over it. It should be noted that these bandings are made yellow from age than something innate such as a daffodil’s coloring. No documented person has seen what lies under his facial wraps.

Mental characteristics

Personal history


Spoiler: Kordgelle's Grand Origins

Kordgelle is a Creator. He oversaw not just Florenelle's construction but the entire Florenic Worlds. He didn't necessarily make domains of his own other than Kithalfithus. Instead, he documented how it all was designed and coordinated. Then, when the Genesis War broke out because of creations loving other creators that didn't make them, Kordgelle tried to stop the fighting but was only a drop of water in a turbulent ocean.

By its end, he saw as Gatherers burst from the center of his siblings. He took up the burden to stop these abominations and keep them in the Entropic Void. Until then, he scours finding a solution to helping his fellow Creators.


Kordgelle makes it clear he has been around for the creation of the Florenic Worlds. He likes to keep the details of his past discreet but is willing to share his understanding of the cosmic functions of things.

Morality & Philosophy

With the long years he has been through, Kordgelle is a skeptical type of being with morality. He knows it can be used to justify many wrongs and many rights. As a result, all that matters to him is the ability of the mortals and other divine beings the ability to thrive.


When referencing the beginning times of Florenelle, or the cosmos in general, Kordgelle becomes very sensitive about the topic. He becomes far more secretive as to what happened and how things came to be. To keep those matters as a secret would be his preference.

It is rumored that Kordgelle has certain areas of Florenelle, and within the other known worlds, that his Kithalsis Court aids him in keeping off limits from researchers and other curious wanderers. Why these spots are guarded is something Kordgelle holds secret and is very keen on keeping it that way.

Personality Characteristics


At his core, he makes it clear he loves the Florenic Worlds and what we mortals do. For if he didn’t, he would shape things to his whim and be lazy to let the Gathering loose. He enjoys seeing what we mere commoners do after all.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

At his heart, Kordgelle is a historian. He loves documenting and keeping records of events. Mind games, theories, philosophies, and other abstract topics are his specialty.

Vices & Personality flaws

Vow of Neutrality

Because of his overwhelming presence and resources at his disposal, he doesn’t wish to interfere too much with mortals so as to avoid drawing too much attention to him. He knows that if enough major powers assembled to combat him, he could lose a lot of that which he values. So he has taken a vow of neutrality so as to only interfere with mortal lives should the wellbeing of the Florenic Worlds be at stake.



Kordgelle's vocal pattern is very precise and strays from sarcasm. He is known to use references to test a person's knowledge at times, curious about how much information they can retain.
Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The One in Yellow Wraps
Circumstances of Birth
Claims to have been one of the first few living beings in the beginning
Current Residence
Nyarlin'huth Tower
Quotes & Catchphrases

I will have you know reality can bend at my will. You can acquire or lose a sibling, for example, and I can reinforce that notion.

Known Languages
Kordgelle knows every language.
Ruled Locations

Florenic Discord

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