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Florenic Deities

The function of deities and gods in the Florenelle setting.

Table of Contents
  • Types of Deities
  • Deities of the Florenic Worlds
  • Deities of Arturias
  • Deities of Duovia
  • Deities of Faunerro
  • Deities of Florenelle
  • Types of Deities

    In all Florenic Worlds, there aren't necessarily any all-powerful gods. Far from it. The closest thing to a god is a humanoid with a vast amount of power that can seem godlike. Deities can intervene in a mortal's life but those moments are few and rare. Having a following of worshippers is a very big sign of a person's rise to becoming their own divine source of power. There are five known documented types and classifications of a higher being to be worshipped.

    Major Deities

    Standard deities, such as Arkengrath, Tabith, and Gregory are the traditional living beings with enough immense power that they basically are their own god. Deities are usually the center of their own religion.

    Lesser Deities

    Lesser deities are the subordinates of a deity, like Salazar Kiver and Gregory's Patron Saints. Some may share power, that when conjoined, is equal to being a deity, such as the Consulate and Feydom Lords.


    Perhaps the strangest and elusive form of being to worship are entities. Entities don't take a physical form or some means that makes their presence directly known. These are the worshipped forms of thought or spirit that impact society. The greatest example being the Tsardom of Zharitov's spirit of the Motherland.


    Kordgelle claims to be the only Creator. No one, besides Kordgelle's select few, knows what this classification entails. According to him, a Creator is very much like a deity but is far older than any of the Precursors, like the Draconian Guardians or Consulate.


    When Kordgelle was first imprisoning these abominations, he referred to them as those that were gathered as he banished them to the Entropic Void. These foul aberrants enjoy seeking out mortals to set them free. Oftentimes, these attempts at seeking freedom will reflect which Gatherer is at fault. If people receive disfigured yet still viable wings as gifts, for example, it could very well be the work of Grothka, as they are obsessed with air, flight, and the like.

    Deities of the Florenic Worlds

    These groups and icons can be found being praised or influencing every setting within the Florenic Worlds.


    Somara leads the Dreamwalkers, who are agents that go around the Florenic Worlds in bringing peace to the restless people.


    Gatherers are monstrous abominations found commonly in their prison of the Entropic Void. They fight with Kordgelle constantly to find a way to corrupt Florenelle upon freedom.


    Kordgelle resides in Kithalfithus, which is an island within the Astral Plane. There, he does his utmost to fight back the Gatherer menace while keeping every Florenic World intact.

    Mr. Pendleton

    Mr. Pendleton is a jolly old figure known to spread gifts during the Algid months to those in need.

    Nameless Host

    A dark and enigmatic thing. This foul entity resides deep in the Null where scholars believe that it pulls strings from afar. There is very little information on the Nameless Host due to how dangerous it is to interact with. It is certain that the Host seeks to destroy life where ever it resides.

    Ibu, the Waiting Servant

    Ibu is the owl-faced watcher over Paradise. The polar opposite of the Null and the Nameless Host. He loves spreading joy and hope despite patiently waiting for his own. He awaits the day, his master will return to him. The violin is his favorite instrument.


    Tethering the planar worlds with the material ones together is not only the Astral Sea but also Etherius. In the heart of this realm stands Requiem Castle, home to spirits as a place where they may safely rest or reside before being sent to their final afterlife. For the faithless, Requiem becomes their final resting place.

    The Reapers are a collection of both mortals and deities who wish to give the dead peace and freedom from the exploitive torments of necromancers and planar powers who have no authority over them. Each Florenic World has their own major reaper deity who is dedicated to overseeing the passing of life and death for that Florenic World, as you’ll see. Tabith oversees Florenelle’s dead and Morrovan oversees Faunerro’s dead, for example.

    Deities of Arturias

    Coming soon!

    Deities of Duovia

    For detailed information about the deities, see here: Duovian Deities & Religions

    Each of the major Duovian deities embody the subtle aspect of mind, body, and spirit. For example, Florauna is the positive aspect of body and favors the natural world.

    Lords of Creation


    Auldremus promotes knowledge and ingenuity. It is no wonder that many of his followers are scholars and inventors.


    Florauna embodies the natural world as her followers are often shamans and healers. It is not uncommon to see her followers also have pets.


    Caldrien is about the moral fight for good. Chivalry, justice, and integrity are at the heart of his teachings.

    Lords of Destruction


    The Shepherd of the Flotilla! This great eldritch abomination lavishes on preying on those who believe they know everything. Otherwise, he directs other aberrant abominations into warping and distorting Duovia to the vain glory of the Flotilla.


    An Infernal power, Balgromok loves preying on the naivety of the “good” and “pure hearted,” as the great acts of evil begin with good intentions.


    Undeath is the final form of being to Valg. This great sower of flesh and mastermind of diseases relishes in terrifying Florauna about how fragile the living are.

    Lesser Deities


    Esther is the Reaper deity over death within Duovia. He is described as a tired middle-aged human with a subtle grayish tone. He wears the signature black cloak of the Reapers and is said to always watch funeral ceremonies in some form before guiding the departed soul to the beyond.

    Deities of Faunerro

    Within Faunerro, there are two core classifications: Deities of the Dichotomy or a Temporal deity. Powers that are involved in the Dichotomy take part in the spiritual war between the Reverie and the Cult of Maledict. Temporal deities like to stay outside of the issue and focus on other philosophical matters.

    Church of the Reverie

    Organization | May 7, 2023

    A Major Religion within Ardentry

    The Everlight

    Namely an entity sort of power, the Everlight is a great radiant light that is called upon by caels and Revered followers alike to help them in their actions. The sphere resides up in Haven with the Revered caels.


    Ornsen is the Revered cael over humans with a lantern as his symbol. He watches over the afterlife of the followers, using the lantern as a guide for spirits to follow into Requiem. He especially teaches that is imperative to prevail in times of great hardship. So long as the Everlight eternally shines, there will always be hope in life and death.


    Kavalni is the cael who blessed avians in the Reverie. Kavalni teaches that joy, peace, and civility are the cornerstones of a happy society. Many followers of his become diplomats, entertainers, and artists. Joy is meant to be spread, not contained to one.


    Knowledge is Renaki's focus and it's why the long lifespan of elves are why she chose them to be blessed. To her, an honest society and dialectic helps clear the fog about solving problems within society.


    Silris is a cael who is never seen alone. She embodies community and it's why stouts (dwarves and halflings) are her blessed people for their tight-knit gatherings and upbeat social events. For a strong community is one that is hard to take apart.


    Conflict is certain to Talmek. It is why he blessed the goliaths for their strength in their resolve. Though he may be a cael of defense and patron of guardians, he resents war for the needless suffering it causes.

    Cult of Maledict

    Cult of Maledict
    Organization | Oct 21, 2022

    A Cult that seeks Domination

    The Deviser

    Only known by such a title, it is uncommon that he communes with mortals. His presence is only felt through the unusual actions of his overlords. Of course, with treachery being a common factor in the Cult, all who have tried thwarting the Deviser have perished. Those who have been obedient to his wishes are greatly rewarded.

    Alkaran, the Exiled

    Rejects and outcasts of societies flock to Alkaran, and exiled cael, for a home. Roden, specifically, are his personal corrupted as a mockery to Silris. Inaction is a sin that aggravates Alkaran the most.

    Desideri, the Coveted

    Wealth is a powerful asset and who better to share such a hobby with than with dragons and Wyrmbloods as her corrupted? As a mockery to Kavalni, comparison is a thief to joy and it's why she loves providing boons for people to inevitably turn on the other. Stealing is the great vice that aggravates her to no end.

    Irator, the Enforcer

    The second strongest vician of the Cult, it is why orcs are his corrupted. For he believes in the rule of the strongest and to let the weak rule is to let society crumble. It is why he wars constantly against Talmek's followers as a test of strength. Weakness is a grave sin that angers Irator.

    Sidresk, the Bleak

    A being from the Fell, it is only natural that the undead are his corrupted. They are the constant reminder to Ornsen's followers that hope is merely an intangible belief and that darkness can still grasp them. Cowardice angers Sidresk as undeath means the opportunity of always returning to service.

    Verita, the Betrayed

    Verita is one vician of subterfuge within the Cult of Maledict, always infiltrating Renaki's libraries to have books ruined. It's why her elusive inferiin are her blessed with households that compete for power through intrigue. Of course, it's only complicated when betrayal is the one vice that must be punished through death.

    Temporal Deities

    Order of Candescence

    The Order of Candescence was founded by Sullus, a cael that stepped down from the Reverie in a pursuit of revising religious institutional structures. The Candescent monks pursue both enlightenment and reliability in aiding the Kingdom of Ardentry.


    The deity over death in Faunerro. Morrovan is described as a simple shadowy figure in a cloak. However, those who have seen Morrovan go to claim them, they describe seeing him as a skeleton figure that resembles their race.

    Deities of Florenelle

    There are a lot of deities within the Florenelle universe. The segment below is meant to summarize who they are and what they do within the setting. See their articles for further details.

    Arkonian Order

    Arkengrath. He is the founder of necromancy and Overlord of the Arkonian Order which believes necromancy is the key to eternal life to preserve what you love forever. His Dreadlords act as lesser deities such as Mother Maratha and her Nashikh, Count Constantine and his servitors in his castle, and more.


    Argaton Dragons

    The Guardians of Argatok. These ancient dragons, such as Reaver, Gortruse, Kraven, and more, stand for the protection of Argatons and their ideals.


    Orrilius is the key deity over the Feydom and is known as the Grandest Father of Elves. His elven descendants and fey followers watch over the major cities in Elvarid and Undarid.

    The eladrin and drow archfey that watch over Elvarid and Undarid act as lesser deities for the Faene. They include the short-tempered Pyroviir, the casual Sylvodin, and many more.


    The vren who founded the schools of magic and watch over the Arcane League. They don’t see themselves as deities, but because of their influence and power, they still fall under this category.


    The Silverrans are celestials of Haven that seek to bring good and wellbeing to the world.


    The Queen of Tombs watches over the cycle of life and death in the cosmos. She loathes necromancers who have the audacity to escape her influence over all.


    Vildramus and his archdevils are the leading masterminds that lays out constant schemes to bring about souls to the hell known as Inferna. Though, deep below the smoldering rocks, there lurks the festering demons in Chalnobog.

    The Motherland

    The Zhari highly regard this entity as the protector and essence of their home. Her spirit is considered the reason why winters come early during an attack and last in the spring if it still gets drawn out.


    Spiraling around the air on the Continent of Yanping is a majestic dragon who guides the region. For those who hope to emulate his wisdom further, he founded the Yinlong to help people aspire further.

    How tough should a deity be?
    Challenge Rating Deity Type
    13-18 Lesser Deity
    19-24 Major Deity
    21-24 Gatherer
    25-30 Creator
    The Power of Faith
    The benefit of peoples praying to a central deity is that it allows their god to have a return investment from the grown divine powers granted to their clerics and priests.


    Sometimes a deity's ideals are not attractive to an individual. Perhaps there are standards and guidelines that aren't tolerated. Because worshippers return to their deity's domain in the afterlife, what about agnostics? They will simply go rest away in the Crypt under a Reaper’s watch.

    Metaphysical, Divine

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