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Elvarid (ell-vah-rid)

The Realm of Wonder

Planar Details


The Realm of Wonder is a land of lush colors and whimsical residents. There is never a dull experience here as there is always something new to explore. This realm provides the whimsical colors, the strangest smells of sour and fresh, the greatest of sights of strange and mystifying! The possibilities are boundless here!

Nature is another core fundamental here. Plants are often lush and beaming with green or their petals of changing shape. The animals here may have odd personality quirks or the majestic designs to them. It’s akin to a celebration of the natural world here.

Aspects of Elvarid

Time is Fickle

Especially if one were to wind up in Fable, time is an oddity. Sometimes one can enter Elvarid, have their adventures, and come right out on the minute after they left. Other times, people go missing in Elvarid for years and return to the material exactly how they looked the day they entered. Such a thing is unpredictable.

Permanent Times of the Year

Within regions of Elvarid lie domains where the seasons are unchanging. They are, of course, wondrous aspects of that time of year which are personified or exaggerated. In some places, they personify night and day with the time never changing.

Spring. Spring is full of renewed life full of bright green foliage and splendor. Many denizens flock here for celebrations and merriment.

Summer. It’s hot, it’s active, and there is much to do with the sun pouring down from above. Many of the best defenders of the wilds are trained here.

Autumn. Life is simple and easy here in these parts. Food is plenty and the locals are relaxed with the hard work of the day gone by.

Winter. There is an air of shared strife here as many humble Elvarians come from here. For them, the coldest winter is one endured alone.



The first elves of the Florenic Worlds, their attunement to nature is why they often shift their forms based on their temperament. They are the progenitor of all elves as their kind share a sensitivity to their environment as they gradually reflect it.


Fairies are tiny humanoids with wings that flutter about Elvarid. They range from personal helpers to companions simply looking for amusing people to be around.

Planar Influence

Here are the signs to look for when determining if Elvarid is the influencing realm.

Creature Alterations

Foliage in their attire or tools is an immediate sign, especially any petals in their hair. The eyes may be of two different bright colors. Their skin and hair tones may be of different pigments. Products that they produce, like cow milk, may have strange yet intriguing taste and smell.

Regional Alterations

Flowers take on intricate shapes with curious colorations. They may even have barebones sentience as they jostle when travelers sing songs. Foliage may grow to take on the role of infrastructure such as fungus being bridges or massive flowers sponging a fall from a cliff.

Spellcasting Alterations

Spells may take on brighter or different colorations. Often magic will leave a smell of flowers cause a sound of humming bees. Even musical notes may be heard as the notes change with the caster moving their hand or arm about. The bolts that are cast may turn to spectral birds soaring to the target.

General Details


Feydom Provinces

The area is divided into five different cities owned by the Feydom Confederacy. Each of these regions is representative of the ruler over the area. Of course, many of these cities are detached because of the Arkonian Plague which threatens to infect those who take the roadways.

Glasyira, The Winter City

Ruled by Mistress Cyromiri, the landscape of this area is covered in snow and ice. Despite the unforgiving temperature of the area, there's still beauty in its appearance.

Falderin, The Spring City

Ruled by Mistress Alloria, the landscape is vibrant and full of life. Trees and shrubs are plenty but the wilting of the plague from afar still haunts this scarred land ever since the Necromantic War.

Fahrunthril, The Summer City

This place is ruled by Pyroviir. The sun beats down on this more sparse region. Trees and shrubbery are few and the soil is slightly dry.

Audmun'don, The Autumn City

This scenic land is ruled by Sylvodin. The trees and plants are always red or yellow. The chill in the air is hardly noticeable.

Mondomiri, The Midnight City

Though it’s located in Elvarid, the city is considered part of the Undarid kingdoms. This moonlit land is ruled by Theyra Raithranoth. Forever hung in a state of a full moon at night, the city is dark with stars glistening across the sky. The gothic structures built here seem to contest who's spire can reach the clouds first.

The Fable

The Feydom owns the main seasonal areas of the region, for that is because they are the most simple and stagnant parts of Elvarid. For deep within this plane lies the land of the Fable, if it can even be called land, that is. It is a region where tales come alive, for better or for worse. The passage of time progresses far slower here especially, as entire yearly adventures occur in only a span of 5 minutes having been lost to the story.

To enter within the Fable is up to the land itself. Sometimes it takes volunteers or it snags the unsuspecting bystander. Those who have specialized with the Fable know that the story to be told here is believed to be the one that the wanderer needs most. Like most tales, it is primarily to teach a moral or the wanderer may very well risk their life in the worst cases.


Rumors spread far and wide across many cultures about the beauty of Elvarid. Though, because of its native elves founding the Province of Regalia, they become aware that something is wrong. Indeed there is, for the Wilting Disease, known better as the Arkonian Plague, has shriveled much of what is beautiful about it.

The provinces are safe after they’ve been cleansed during the early periods of the Restoration Era. Because the Arkonian Plague is so contagious and potent within this plane, some fallbacks have happened. It’s why traveling between provinces is very dangerous and is forbidden unless you are part of cleansing teams purifying a path.

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